Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Real Pain In The Neck

Well, my surgery is set. I'm still having a weird disconnect about it, mainly because I am literally feeling better than I have in months. I don't know if it is due to the cooler weather, rest or what, but I have almost no pain, must better freedom of movement and only occasional tingles in my arm and finger.

Why, might you ask, am I going to let the surgeons cut into my throat and move stuff around when I am no longer in pain? Well, I tried to get out of it, but it turns out that, with testing, it was determined that my arm is still just as weak as ever. That means the nerve is still impinged and the weakness could become permanent. Seeing as that causes spasms after doing something so simple as washing some dishes, much less carrying groceries or laundry, and it's my dominant arm, I still have to have the operation. Three out of three doctors agreed - even my osteopath, who is generally very pro-alternative treatments. From what they told me, it is rare and lucky that my pain has disappeared - this happens only in 10% or less of cases with a disc herniation like mine. But it's still sort of a ticking time bomb until it gets fixed, just waiting to cause permanent damage or more pain or numbness. So, despite feeling rather spry, I'm off to the hospital on Monday.

I suppose I should count myself lucky, as at least I'm not uncomfortable now. The ironic thing is that I will actually have to go through pain to fix a condition that's causing me no pain now. Of course, many operations are for things you can't feel that much. But it's still somehow hard to wrap my head around.

Anyway, I'm all set. M will be home with me for up to Columbus Day, if necessary, although she is feeling horrible at home with a killer cold right now, so I hope she improves soon. My mom will be coming up the day before, stay a couple days and come back later if needed, and I even got an unexpected call from my dad saying he's going to try to get here to visit within a few days of the surgery. That really tickled me, because I rarely get to see him, so this whole getting sawed into thing is having a bit of a silver lining.

Wish me luck and Pudding Pops (I'll need them for the post-op sore throat).

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