Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tell Me Somethin' Good

I could use it. The title of this post, in it's twisted way, refers to a song by Chaka Khan and Rufus, and I thought of it because we have 2 tickets to the Rufus Wainwright concert tonight that we can't use. Mrs. Nator's back is out again, and not only is she in pain, but she's heartbroken that she can't go. We also spent a lot of money on those tickets!

Anyone know anyone who might want to buy them? Or has anyone ever tried selling tickets outside a theatre? I don't know the legalities or procedure for it, but with our finances the way they are, I'm willing to try...

In the meantime, please send wooOOOnns for Mrs. Nator. Poor baby!


BigAssBelle said...

boooooo. what a disappointment. hope the mrs. is better by now?

evilganome said...

Is there some sort of back problem epidemic in NY? First Helen, now Mrs. Nator. Hope the italian ice helped ease the pain.