Wednesday, November 07, 2007

REALLY Lucky Seven

I have a whole lot going on what with school, job interviews, family visits and so on. However, all of that pales next to one event: this weekend is my and Mrs. Nator's seventh anniversary.

I have no idea how I got so lucky. All this time, and we still amuse each other, attract each other, and feel we are absolute soul-mates. I mean, let's face it, we're both pretty weird. What were the odds that we'd find each other?

So much love. It makes everything better. I am so thankful. What else can I say?

Not the slightest itch.


Kenyo said...

Tomorrow, Thursday the 8th, Jack and I hit our 37th!

We will celebrate with a steak dinner Thursday evening and a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman in December.

You folks have a wonderful 7th. And have a peaceful year ahead. Try please to not pack so much into every waking moment.

Relax! Take care of yourselves. And watch out for those killer shopping carts.

oneofhismoms said...

See, I tooooold you she liked you as more than a friend.

Congrats to the both of you on a match well made.

Doug said...

Wooot! Good for you both.

I want to know if this is you & Mrs. Nator. Real cute couple, in any case :)

FirstNations said...

I think she likes you. way to go!!!

Just had our 21st on 11-1.

go take a look at the beautiful life you've seen yourself having, lady. those pictures say a lot. thats your treasure. i like you even more, having seen them.

I'll tell you what. it takes a lot for an image to move me at my age and given the form my weirdass brand of creativity has taken. some of those from the 'favorites' set nailed me to the wall. you deserve recognition.

Heather said...

Awwww, happy anniversary to you both!

We'll be celebrating lucky number 13 in January... no fantabulous cruise to Jamaica and the Caymans for us, more likely an anniversary lunch, with the kiddo, at Macaroni Grill (where we lurve the bread and the kiddo lurves to color on the paper tablecloth).

Da Nator said...

Thanks, y'all! But jeez, 31, 21, 13... I think even oneofhismoms and her honey are at 8 or 9. Here I am thinking how amazing it is we've been together 7 years and you all give me the smackdown! ;o)

LOL, Doug - no, that's not us. I WISH I was as young and cute as either one of those two. Those are some friends of ours from Marci's work, and they're not a couple. When I finally get the photos from our last Hawaiian trip up, you may actually be able to find some of me and Mrs. Nator together. Maybe.

FN - well, thank you, darlin'! It makes me feel so nice when my photos get praised... like a cat getting an ear rub. Now, know anybody that might want to buy some? ;o)

claire said...

aw! Yay! Happy Anniversary!

m00nchild said...

congratchamalations. love like that is one of those just so and just right things.

when you give someone your love that long you're not just giving it to them -- but to everyone around.