Tuesday, February 08, 2005

International Lovah

That's me. Or rather, international animal lover. Long time no blog, because I've been quite busy with both of my jobs for the last few weeks. Days have meant testing, fixing and re-testing the company's Website, and nights and weekends have been spent conversing with animals across the globe.

Yea, across the globe because, since the London Times article came out and my bid to get my Website listed higher on search engines, I've been getting inquiries from all over. This past week, for instance, I spoke with a bunch of budgeriars in Bangalore and a delightful cat spirit in Amsterdam. I've also been assigned the task by one of my long-standing feline clients of writing his life story (don't ask).

So, although I have been thinking of doing creative writing and some blogging here, I haven't had the time, especially as I try not to mix the stuff that should go on my business site with the stuff that ends up here. This doesn't jibe with my goal to write more creative stuff and promote my blog, but it does jibe with my goal to promote my business, be professionally respected and do some writing in that area. So... one and a half out of three ain't bad?

Anyway, if you've stopped by, which would probably be a surprise on my part and an accident on yours, howdy! I'm sorry there's not much here that's current. But, there's always tomorrow, so stop by again.

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