Thursday, May 18, 2006

Buried With A Donkey, He's My Favourite Honky

I remember being fascinated with King Tut back when the first exhibition of his treasures toured the U.S. in the seventies. I also remember seeing my first mummy in a museum, and how spooky and utterly intriguing I found it. As I recall my interest, in particular, with the fact that the mummy was not just an example of thousands-year old dessicated human remains, but a naked one at that, I could chalk it up to having seen very few unclothed adults by that point in my life. However, I've always figured it was more likely due to my being an odd child, in general.

Well, perhaps I wasn't all that odd, after all. It turns out that scientists have been concerned for some time with something: King Tut's penis. More specifically, they were concerned as to where it was, as it has been missing for years.

Well, I think we can all rest a little easier tonight. The royal jimmy has been found.

Considering all the fetishes out there, can mummy porn be far behind?

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Qenny said...

Yay! I got to read your blog without a crash!

Great article about the missing willy, although doesn't that make him a daddy?