Monday, July 30, 2007

Fuck. We're Back.

Fresh lychee breakfasts while watching sea turtles and tropical fish frolic from our balcony.

Snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling.

Semi-successful sea kayaking (sure, we tipped over, but at least we didn't try to drown each other in a panic like one of the other couples).

Scenic hiking to a secluded spot ringed by lava rocks, coconut palms and basking green turtles.

Reeeeally good potato-mac salad.

SCUBA diving for the first time (with sharks!)

Sunset tropical cocktails at Don the Beachcomber's.

Frolics on scenic and secluded beaches.

Traversing several climate zones to partake in scenic views (mostly of cows).

Minor nervous breakdown while realizing one's own universal insignificance while hiking across a huge volcanic caldera full of baby Earth.

First helicopter flight - over flowing lava!

Approximately one squillion photos and videos of trip to go through.

Airplane breakdown and weather resulting in over 48 hours of travel home, including a forced layover in scenic Pittsburgh, PA.

Return to very happy cats and very stinky apartment.

Mrs. Nator's newly hired staff member emailing that he won't be able to take the job after all, as his partner has been transferred.

Landlords claiming that we will have to pay for damages to the drop ceiling of the apartment below due to a minor amount of water getting through the floor that they've known for years is hole-ridden subflooring that funnels any spills right through.

Trying to figure out if I'll get student loans, how to register on Wednesday and how the hell I can start making at least $400 per week immediately.

... any questions?


BTL said...

Wow, cool...and eew, bummer.

We missed you guys last night at the birthday party where we played possibly the lamest game of Miles Bornes ever (nobody could Roulez!).

Welcome back.

claire said...

Wow, people still play Miles Bornes? I've never met anyone other than my family that knew how to play...

Oh, sorry.. got distracted there. Hawaii sounds super amazing, i can't wait to see pictures. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything in NY except for a massive rain storm that flooded everything. But its gone now. So, really, you missed nothing. However, it's freaking hot in the city this week. So welcome back.

TigerYogi said...

Apartment and job problems aside, I'm glad that you had such a wonderful vacation! :)

Kenyo said...

Welcome back, you wahines! Isn't red hot flowing lava wonderful. I hope you didn't bring any back. If you did, I have an easy fix. And Madame Pele will forgive.

Do we get a travelog of where you went and all? Please.

Doug said...

Welcome back. It's cosmic karma, isn't it -- the better the vacation, the ruder the homecoming? Maybe we need to go on vacations where people do nothing but make our lives hell.

Naw . . . I'm not ready to visit family yet :)

oneofhismoms said...

I'm sure you are also happy to see (but maybe not smell) your kitties.

Yeah, Milles Bornes is kinda like improv, you can't say "no," at least not as much as we did. We were a bunch of agressive old biddies. I call for a re-match. Possibly with a different game and definately including Ms. and Ms. Danator.

Warrior Two said...

Hi. Just saying hi, because it's been a while.

BigAssBelle said...

oh it sounds LOVELY!!! but (gasp) sharks?? crimifuckinitly, creatures of my nightmares.

Corn Dog said...

Welcome back! I was beginning to think you had moved to Hawaii