Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm Still Here

... and alive, y'all. I've just been busy, what with the mother-in-law here until last Thursday, and getting everything ready for school, the big trip and around the house before we leave this Thursday. Whew!

For those who asked, the MIL visit was fine, bordering on great. Mrs. Nator had some lady issues and had to work some, so MIL Nator and I hung out a lot, going to see the frogs at the American Museum of Natural History together and such. We actually have a lot in common, such as a love of natural science and taking photographs, so we get along great, besides her being a (non-proselytistic) born-again Christian and me being a Godless lesbian who has sexual relations with her daughter. We especially had fun going to Roosevelt Island to watch the fireworks in a rainstorm on the 4th of July, and despite her seeming a bit worn out and stressed at times (which makes sense due to other things in her life) and me needing a bit of alone time now and then, I think we all had a good time.

Alas, the Meeting of The Moms did not occur, because my mom's car broke down on her way here. I was disappointed they didn't meet, but more bugged by the fact that my mom is officially a senior citizen now and still never has a car that is reliable. The fact is that she just can't afford a new car and on her relatively low income, which makes me worry for her safety and the future. Mrs. Nator and I even talked a bit about getting all the kids together and contributing to a decent car for her in the not-so-distant future, although I'm not sure how we'd afford that, much less with us planning to throw her mom a big surprise party for her 65th birthday. It sucks not to be rich. Not enough for me to go work in the corporate world or anything, but, yeah.

Still, everyone is reasonably well, our new bed seems to be great for both Mrs. Nator's and my chronic back problems, I'm almost all set to go to school in September, it looks like I may have a new gig working for my friend's cat-sitting business when we get back (how perfect for me is THAT? I am tres excited), and, oh yeah, where will we be getting back from? HAWAI'I, that's where! Have I mentioned that enough?

I should have a buttload of photos up soon from my roaming photography sprees with MIL Nator shortly, as I want to try to get them up before I have 12,000 photos of lava and green sea turtles to process. Oh, yes - I'm trying SCUBA diving while there AND taking a doors-open helicopter tour over the volcano vent, y'all. Do not expect a coherent post beyond something like "OMGSOAWESOMES!!!1!!1" for awhile, mmmkay? If ever. Assuming I survive, that is.

Enjoy the rest of July, Natorettes. I'll be thinking of you, and wishing you could snorkel with me...


Heather said...

So glad the MIL visit was good and sorry your mom couldn't make it for the meeting o' the moms.

Most importantly, have a positively fabulous time in Hawaii and that is an order! :D I expect to see many, many pics when you get back. Heck, I took almost 250 pictures myself on our vacay last week, and I only went to NJ!

Qenny said...

It delights me that born agains and godless lesbians can get on - that's progress, that is.

TigerYogi said...

Have a wonderful vacation! :)

oneofhismoms said...

I'm glad you're at least rich enough to go on an open door helecopter ride over a volcano! Kukapele!