Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Greetings, Natorettes. Let's catch up on what's been going on in Natorland, shall we?

1. We're not sick anymore! First I had a lingering stomach bug, then Mrs. Nator got it. Thank goodness that's over.

2. Our bathroom is mostly done! It's not exactly as we'd like it: our landlords installed bone white tiling and then painted the new walls and trim in blinding white, so it clashes. They're also insisting it should stay that way, using the excuse that it's "authentic to the period of the building." This is silly, as not only do we have a clause in our lease saying we can paint, but according to catalogues I've seen of era bathrooms (around 1906), they usually had white tiling but different coloured walls. Let's face it, if they wanted it to be authentic, they wouldn't have put in sheetrock or cheap new fixtures and the paint would have had lead in it.

We don't have the energy to contest it, anyway. We're just glad everything seems to work. We'll spruce it up with some nice accessories and leave it at that.

3. My job situation is changing! I had a good talk with my boss, and it looks like they'll have someone new ready for me to train within the next two or three weeks. She'd be happy to be a reference for me and so forth, so all is good on that front. However, as you all know by now, I'm not entirely certain if I want to transfer right to another website job. So, I'm taking a couple different approaches.

In the first approach, I've bought a bunch of web-software related books to update my skillz and am working on an online portfolio. This covers things if I decide I should get a job or temp in this area, once I'm a bit over the burnout of my current occupation. (And let's face it, I'm burned out. What Web Producer worth her salt doesn't realize her blog is appearing strangely on FireFox for months, and still doesn't have the entergy to fix the formatting on her comments page?)

In the second, I spoke to some folks at the awesome new veterinary clinic we took The Schmoo to (she's fine, BTW, just has a little OCD that's making her lick her belly bald), and it looks like I'm going to start interning there in a couple weeks. The head of the clinic said that if it all works out they are definitely looking to hire vet techs, so if I like it and they like me, it may have been the easiest job interview I've ever had.

Ms. Nator is very excited about the vet clinic position. She loves the vibe at the place and is really hoping I will find this new direction makes me happy. I am cautiously optimistic, on my part - very cautiously. I'm glad I'm going to try it out and see what's what, though. The only problem will be if HR at my old job tries to dick me over regarding my unemployment, but I'm hoping that after my discussion with my boss where she said expressly that she would advocate for me with them, that won't happen.

4. Lastly, we're taking a little vacation! Yes, this is probably very financially irresponsible, considering my present employment situation. But, we both need it badly and hey, we'd just about paid off our credit cards, anyway, so away we go.

I wanted to go to a nice, warm beach somewhere, but time and monetary restraints ruled that out. As for going somewhere close to the city, it's just as expensive as going elsewhere in the U.S., if not more so, so we're off to Montréal for four nights in a couple weeks. Yes, it will be cold, but we got an excellent deal on a great hotel, and Mrs. Nator says she will probably want to spend a good amount of the trip lolling in bed, soaking in a jet-tub, getting massages, etc. She's never been, but I remember from my visit there in high school, that when I wasn't drunk or performing in a singing competition (or both), it's a very nice city, with a European feel to some parts of it. I think it will be a nice little getaway, both as a stress reliever for her, and a transitory cushion for me to temporary unemployment. Also, I can start saying everything in an outrageous accent. Zout alors!

So now you know what I've been up to during the radio silence around this blog. Now I can get back to posting stupid commentary and silly pictures!


Doug said...

I visited Montreal as a kid. I think I was ten at the time. And I remember one thing only: the Notre Dame de Montreal rocks. So beautiful, even a little Jewish infidel could appreciate it.

Have fun!

BTW, how did it go with the short story?

BigAssBelle said...

i have missed catching up with you, cupcake. i'm scrambling to get freight out, but will have to read deeper, deeper to find out more about the job thing. it sounds GREAT though that you have new things on the horizon because it seemed you were. not. happy.

vet tech would be a joy. i think i might lick my tummy bald if i could, my ocd is so out of control.

my sweet hubby had a conversion experience in our trip to mexico. he's a new man and i am heartily in favor of everyone, everywhere going on vacation as much as possible. montreal's on my list, but these chilly days i want to go south.

glad to hear you sounding well. this natorette is happy :-)

First Nations said...

I hve got on my wonder working propeller beanie for this thing to work out at the vet clinic!!!!!!
is that awesome?! is that you?! omg!!
i am also proud to be a Natorette. do we have a song? what about a pledge? i think we should have a beer volcano too.
(yay for kitty being ok!)

claire said...

wow - so many things in such a short period of time. how awesome! first of all, hooray for a working and complete bathroom, no matter the color. i am jealous.
also - vet tech? really? you can just go to the vet and be all 'i wanna do this'? that is really great. i would totally be there, too, if i knew how to approach something like that. i thought you needed school to be a vet tech. huh! so great!
and - we did the montreal / quebec city thing two years ago. i had never been and it was really beautiful. montreal was lovely, though we spent more time in quebec city, i would love to go back. the european feel is right on. with the cobblestone streets and shops by the water. beautiful. we were there during a big pride parade which was lots of fun, too. :) would so love to go back! yay! vacation!

claire said...

oh - and for the first time in months, i can actually see the right format on your blog on my work computer.

Is no longer purple on black here. Which is nice. Cause that was really hard to read.....

TigerYogi said...

I'm so glad that things are starting to get better for you!

Enjoy your trip!! :)