Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Howdy, Natorettes!

Thanks for all the comments on my latest update. Let's see if I can answer some of your questions.

Yes, I am excited about trying out working at the vet clinic. I've been thinking of switching to working hands-on with animals for a while, and this looks like a really nice place to start. The clinic is an easy bus ride from my home, has a warm feel, and everyone there seems very friendly and progressive. The ladies who started the place are a gay couple - one is the head vet, and the other is a clinical social worker, who runs the office and also special programs like counselling and groups for people with chronically ill animals, etc.

As soon as you walk into the place, you can see it's different, too. There are big windows and blonde wood in the reception area. Parts of the walls are restored, weathered brick, and instead of the usual IAMS or Science Diet on the shelves they stock human-grade, organic and holistic foods, cat litter, etc., all at reasonable prices. Also in the reception area are several stacks of cat housing where cats up for adoption through their shelter program are sleeping, playing, or haughtily staring at the passing dogs.

The vet we saw was super-nice, and into holistic treatments, as well. She prescribed Feliway and a nutritional supplement that is calming for cats, rather than anti-depressant drugs, and gave us free samples of enzymatic treats that help clean kitties' teeth for us to try. She mentioned that she was studying acupuncture for animals, and we got into a fun conversation about what modalities you could use for turtles - acupressure? Far-infrared, ultrasound or lasers? All of these are good signs that this would be a place I might fit in.

As for getting full-time employment as a vet tech, from what the manager (the social worker) said, there's a big shortage of vet techs in NYC. I would imagine this is partially because it is a relatively low-paying job, especially for those living in an expensive city. It's also a job that can be dirty, exhausting and emotionally difficult, as well as meaningful and fun. The upside to all this is doing something you care about and having 4 day work weeks, at this place.

I have to say the manager's and vet's desperation was a little scary, if reassuring in terms of the chances of me getting hired for pay down the line. In another market, vets might be more choosy about wanting to hire people who've already been through vet tech schools (usually a two-year accreditation) or had on-the-job experience. In this case, however, my showing up and showing immediate interest, along with having some experience as a shelter volunteer, was enough to have them practially begging me to start. (I didn't mention the animal communication work I did. I'm not sure how that may come up or apply, later, but it's not what I'm looking to do, right now.)

Anyway, I'm excited enough that I'm going to see if I can get started this weekend. Everybody put on your propeller beanies (or share FN's) and send me wwOOooo-wOOOoonns for good luck!

Now in answer to FN's questions:

i am also proud to be a Natorette. do we have a song? what about a pledge? i think we should have a beer volcano too.

I think these are capital ideas. Considering my affection for both volcanos and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a beer volcano is a must. Also, you will all wear propeller beanies, whereas I get my official Napoleonic Pyrate Newspaper Hat. Which is fitting, because I just figured out how to burn pirated movie torrents to DVD. The Cap'n would be proud.

As for a pledge and/or song, I haven't had time to work on those, but suggestions are welcome. References to lesbianism, cats, Mrs. Nator, Brooklyn, football, geekery and chocolate are all highly suggested. I do, however, think that the perfect anthem might already have been created right here.

Bye, kids! See ya real soon!


Cap'n Dyke said...

Th' Cap'n indeed be proud o' Her Bosun! Not only for th'Napoleonic Pyrate Newspaper Hat, but for th'fact that ye will now have th'same day-job as yer Cap'n. Here's wishin' smooth-sailin' an' no bites for ye!

Da Nator said...

No shit, cap'n! Did I know about yer day jb afore this? Methinks we'll hafta talk...

First Nations said...

hell; i'm just happy we got a beer volcano.


Cap'n Dyke said...

Me Bosun, I sent ye an email t' th'address that comes up on me blog comments (privately comes up, I should be sayin'). Let me know if ye didn't get it, savvy?

Malathion said...

That music . . . what was that?

Doug said...

oops, that was me, not Mal :)

Da Nator said...


Anyway, that fine little ditty is Strong Bad singing "It's Like It was Meant To Be," from the CD Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. The CD is a collection of musical comedy routines and spoofs using the characters from homstarrunner.com, by The Bros. Chaps. If any of you aren't familiar with this Homestar Runner, I suggest you go to the site and watch some cartoons, particularly the Strong Bad emails and some of the longer ones, like the Halloween specials. Funny, funny stuff.

kris said...

mmm...beer volcano
just wanted to say that I'm happy oneofhismoms turned me on to your blog as I have been enjoying it.

Doug said...

I thought that was StrongBad.

Malathion Merkin is one of my infrequently used online personas. Think of her as a kindler, gentler Michelle Malkin.