Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lassie Come Home


I hate lost pet cases.

I wish I could make everything better.

Sometimes being an animal communicator is hard.


Corn Dog said...

I look at lost posters all the time and try to envision where they are. Instead I get angry. It is the law in Oakland for dogs to be microchipped. Sometimes I even call the people and ask them if the dogs had their collars on, were they chipped, etc. Always the answer is "no." I have gotten a lot of "we just washed him so he didn't have his collar on." That is just crazy. How many times do you just wash a dog and it runs away? I feel so sorry for animals. I pray they ran to some place better.

BigAssBelle said...

i can't stand it either. i don't know how you can deal with it. my biggest fear with little deaf betty is that she'll get away and then be lost forever since she can't hear us call her.

First Nations said...

i don't even want to imagine. dogs are so expressive, and, yeah.

Anonymous said...

je! good blog! :)

te invito al mio

saludos desde argentina!

claire said...

oh, sad!
i would be truly heartbroken if i lost one of mine. i complain about them, sure, but they're mine and i love those pains in the ass.
LittleDog doesn't wear a collar when she's in the house or backyard, and i'm always concerned about 'what would happen if'... Unfortunately, i'm more concerned about her hanging herself on the fence (she's the 6-foot jumper - straight up, not over) than her getting out.

I ought to get them chipped.
Good luck with finding that Lassie.

tater said...

Finally! For some reason, blogger wasn't letting me leave comments on your site. Belle just lent me a book concerning stray dog rescues in St. Louis, and it was uplifting, heartbreaking, and excellent. I can't imagine what I would do if my little one's became lost or stolen. If I were to have another life, I believe I would become a vet, and an advocate for animals. I do what I can now, but I would love to work with animals full time. I wanted to respond to your haircut post, because I wanted you to know that our studio has a Big Boy statue that we are always posing people with. We have made him over in various different outfits and lifestyles. Very Fun!