Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Just In - Pigs Can Now Fly

My mother, a woman who, after seven years of not being able to get her computer to work properly, finally gave up on connecting to the Internet, is on YouTube.

Finding this out yesterday was a total surprise. I was doing a search on her in order to decide some things about how I want to update her art blog...

Let me back up here a minute and explain: my mom did not set up the art blog, nor does she know much about it. I set it up for her, when she started painting again after many years, and was considering showing her work to galleries and/or selling it. I think she's only looked at it a couple times. It's also due for an update, which will happen after next weekend, when I visit her to photograph her new works and help her hang them in her first show. Go, Ma Nator! I'm proud of her.

Anyway, long story short, during the search I found that my mother came up in some videos on YouTube. It turns out that she appeared in some short videos the massage school she works at produced, and the videos were posted on YouTube to educate viewers and promote the school.*

Once I got over the shock at seeing my mom on the Intertubes, I called her up.

DN: "Mom! I didn't know you were on YouTube!"

MN: "I am?" (Well, this sounds more like her.)

DN: "Um, yeah. I saw you in those massage videos..."

MN: "Oh, yes. I knew we made the videos, but I forgot they put them on YouTube. How did you find them?"

DN: (Still surprised that she even knows what YouTube is,) "Completely by accident. It's a great video."

MN: "Oh, thank you - I'm told I have thousands of hits!" (Here we both giggle, somewhat incredulously.)

DN: "Yeah, and you have lots of great comments, too. Everyone says your voice is very soothing."

MN: (Chuckles) Really? Well, I have been told that before. I'll have to remember to go check it out, sometime. I've never looked at YouTube before." (Now that sounds more like the Ma Nator I know.)

So, now I have to adjust to a world where, although my mother still hasn't ever actually seen YouTube, she not only knows (sort of) what it is, but is becoming something of a CeWebrity. Now if only I can track down and beat those assholes who are commenting that they want her to give them a blowjob...

*I'm neither going to bore you nor threaten my usual semi-kinda-anonymity on this blog by posting the videos she's in, but if you really want to, you can see one of them here.


Kenyo said...

Your mother's art is great. I love her use of color. More please!

Kenyo said...

By the way this little bit of code keeps cropping up on your posts. Right below "Link to post"

Heather said...

Wait, when and where is Ma Nator's art show? The kiddo and I are going to be in Jersey over Columbus Day weekend - I'd love to check her show out! :D

Here's a sample of my mother's "technospeak" ......

"So, I mouse the icon to make the internet go?"

And she is one of those responsible for educating the minds of tomorrow's leaders, yowza!

First Nations said...

i love that picture of the girl against the sky. the perspective and the angles of the girls body language are great. and she's a massage instructor? ma nator is a snazzy dame! (her picture conforms this.)

will your mom adopt me?

Warrior Two said...

NOOOOOO WAY! I SAW YER MOM! I surf massage videos on YouTube because I can't afford to get a real one. It's like my porn!

m00nchild said...

she's so cute! people on YouTube can be incredibly vile. anonymity can be a virtue, but it can also be a vice -- people can unleash the worst in themselves in they think no one is looking.

track 'em down.

Rimshot said...

"So, I mouse the icon to make the internet go?"

If I didn't know better, I'd swear that way my mom.

My folks are just now getting set up on the internet. Apparently, someone told them that you can use computers for more than just playing solitare and hearts. (and when I find the bastard...!)

Heather said...

Rimshot - Have you read this?

Hee! (Nate, I think it might be helpful for Ma Nator too... ;) )

Da Nator said...

Rimshot - I know. I still can't believe my sister gave my father my blog address! I have a feeling he's already seen enough to know he doesn't want to read it, by now, though...

Heather - Seriously. I just got through explaining to my mother for the third time in two days that her art blog URL does not have @ in it. "Repeat after me, Mom: email, at sign; internet, no at sign." Sigh.