Friday, January 11, 2008

Did You Ever Have One of Those Moments

... where an entire song you wrote when you were maybe seventeen years old, but had completely forgotten, comes back to you in its entirety, and you think "wow, that was actually a really good song," but you realize that, although you could put so many deeper nuances of emotion into it now that you are older, you probably can't sing all that well, anymore, and maybe weren't as good at the time as you thought, either?

No? Well, then.

P.S.: I had a really intriguing job interview yesterday. As in, I'm beginning to think it might be possible to have an interesting job I care about while going to school to study something else I care about. Hmmm.


Heather said...

Going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing the song you speak of probably wasn't Bowling for Seagulls or I Dropped the Baby (He fell down the stairs/he went boodley-boodley AAAH!/Boodley-boodley AAAAH!/Boodley-boodley AAAH!).

Perhaps it was the My Boyfriend's a Transvestite Blues? Naaaaah.....


My favorite of the ones you wrote was always Hey, Hannah. I've got the following stuck in my head:

Oh my darling,
Well I must say,
It really drives me crazy
when you wear my Jean Nate......

Hoping the job interview leads to good things and that it really wasn't Seagulls you were thinking of, hee hee! xoxo

FirstNations said...

I am cracking up too much at heathers comment to think.

boodley boodley AAAH!

thats so very wrong. i'ts my new favorite song now.

thank you.

Da Nator said...

Wow, Heather. It always amazes me how much of this stuff you remember. Bowling for Seagulls is probably the one I remember most, and I do remember the chorus of Hey Hannah (and the girl it was about). Much of it is very fuzzy, though. I guess that's what happens when one a.) is very prolific and b.) experiments with drugs in early college.

Anyway, I was remembering a song called "Ocean," which I actually have a crappy cassette recording of the guitar part to, somewhere. Do you remember the one I wrote with Emily at Madrigals camp? Some kind of parody of the Smiths? I remember a couple other songs, and I wrote one with... that very nordic-looking blonde girl with the big eyes... whose name I can't remember... Liz something?

FN - Heather was my main ridiculous song writing buddy in high school (although we did write some serious ones). For some reason I was a lot less squeamish back then, and could toss off lyrics like:

"Blood pouring out from the holes where their eyes were/
Seagulls who can't fly/
Because you've clipped their wings with pruning shears"

Don't ask.

Heather said...

Yes, my long term memory is positively elephantine, yet I can arrive at the grocery store which is less than 5 minutes from my house and not recall the 3 things I went there for, so short term? Not so much. :P

Bowling with seagulls for pins on the seashore/Feeding them Rolaids and Alka Seltzer galore/Poking out their eyes with crocheting hooks/Forever silencing their dirty looks/Seagulls on the seashore/Blood pouring out from the holes where their eyes were/Seagulls, who cannot fly/Because you've clipped their wings with pruning shears....

What doesn't come through in the lyrics is the perfectly lovely harmony we came up with to go with it, that made the song just that much more wrong... :) I recall how very upset my mother became when she actually began listening to the words when we were singing it in the car one time. Hee!

Speaking of wrong, FN - my four and a half year old daughter now can sing the I Dropped the Baby song (inspired by a conversation about recurring nightmares one free period back in high school - this particular nightmare was one of mine). She's in her room right now, heartily singing Boodley-boodley-AAAAAH! *whistling innocently*

Oh, and Nate, the chick you're thinking of? Liz Hoover. Oldest of the clan, she was in Liimu's class and her sister Ingrid (who didn't sing) was in mine, then there were younger ones too - all blue eyed, blonde and Nordic. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you I found out I'm a quarter Swedish? True story - my birthmom's mom was 100% Swedish and her father was 100% Italian. No wonder I have such an affinity for IKEA...... but I digress.

I think you ought to start singing again, if you've stopped. You were always one of my favorite people to sing with, and you are squandering your talent if you're not singing anymore, young lady! Heck, even I'll be rocking the solo on Days of Elijah with the choir at church next week, and I'm not nearly the singer you are! :D

FirstNations said...

It is an HONOR to find myself in this company. I am humbled and overawed at the power, majesty and glory of 'Bowling for Seagulls'. And in fact
I can think of no other work even nearly it's equal in the vast archives of the 'seagull mistreatment' genre.

Oh yes, i've found my peer group.
be afraid.