Friday, January 25, 2008

The News from Here

1. I officially got into the clinical vet tech program!!! OK, it was unlikely that I wouldn't, but that didn't keep my hands from shaking when I opened the letter. Next stop: Modell's, where I can finally cash in an old gift certificate for my first set of scrubs! (And possibly a Giants cap, for obvious reasons.)

2. Skype kicks Yahoo Messenger's ass, yo. I mean, I've been trying to get this VOIP thing going for months so I could record my AC consultations for my clients, and I could not stop my calls from getting dropped. First the headset was for crap, then I was afraid it was my cable connection. Now I know I just should have been paying the extra money for Skype. It's worth it to actually be able to hear both ends of a conversation and not have malfunctions every few minutes. Now, if I can just get my recorder to register both speakers at a reasonable volume...

3. I still don't have a job. But! I had two AC clients today, a follow-up on a web job, and a referral from a classmate to an opening at the vet hospital where she works. Progress?

4. I am disturbed to inform you that now I cannot look at my cats without imagining their skeletons. Unfortunately, my first cat dissection will finally happen on Tuesday. I think I'll get through it okay; I just hate the thought of imagining slabs of dessicated meat every time I hug my critters.

5. Tomorrow night we see Kathy Griffin! Woo!

Further bulletins as events warrant, y'all.


FirstNations said...

excellent news all 'round!

dead stuff has its own eldritch beauty. and remember: just because kitty has an imaginable framework does not make kitty any the less wonderful as an organism. you will understand what i mean when you contemplate kitty's skull formation. it is a miraculous thing of flying arches and stress-formed compound curves,like a piece of wonderful jewelery.

claire said...

congratulations! on getting in a program. go and buy those wacky scrubs you've had your eye on.

oh and: hi, i'm here! shoot me an email if you're looking for me. :)

m00nchild said...

Congrats on #1! As for #4, if that's how you see cats, imagine what your doctor see when he or she looks at you.