Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New York Minute

This morning, leaving for work at an odd time, I saw something I'd never seen before: a brand, spanking new subway train, all shiny, with the seats still wrapped in plastic.

Of course it stopped at our station, and then sped on, without opening the doors to let us in.

I wonder if that's the MTA's big tease train? They can point to it and say they're deploying new cars, but never let anyone ride them. Also, they can make riders think they're getting on a new train, then giggle "psych!" as they pull out.

I'll be catching another train down to fabulous New Jersey for vegetarian turkey with Ma Nator, then Mrs. Nator and my anniversary/birthday getaway in quaint New Hope, PA. I am so excited, and so outta here.

You all have a happy Thanksgiving, even if your country doesn't celebrate it, ya hear?


First Nations said...

no, that was the 'ghost train'. good thing you didn't get on it!
i listen to too much blooz.

you can sell that bezoar for $$bux to an alchemist, you know.

Ken said...

Have a wonderful holiday. I hope Ma Nator's recovery continues strong and she feels better evry day. Happy veggies!

claire said...

that's right, i meant to come back here after your blog so cruelly didn't let me comment on this post.
You and I is birthday buddies. Yours is sometime this weekend? Mine on wednesday. Yay! Happy birthday. :)

And anniversary. And Thanksgiving. And all that. Yay!

Da Nator said...

Hey, Claire.

Sorry, it was actually our anniversary on the 10th, and Mrs. Nator's birthday on the 16th - we were celebrating late. Can we still be buddies?

Happy birthday! :o)