Thursday, November 09, 2006


1. Ma Nator is fine. Everything went even better than expected, and her health is great. :o)

2. It's nice to be missed. There was much rejoicing and snuggling when I got home to the Nator flat last night. I'm still picking cat fur out of my teeth.

3. I am crazy busy trying to get shit done before I go away tomorrow to visit Sis Nator, B-I-L Nator, & The Exceptional Niece & Nephew Nator.

4. For once I didn't vote because I was out of town and HOLY SHIT - THE DEMS GOT THE MAJORITY AND RUMMY RESIGNED! W00T W00T!

Not that I trust the dems to make things better, but there's slightly more hope.

You know, my football teams always win when I can't watch, too. Maybe I should stop voting so I don't jinx the country...?

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First Nations said...

yay for ma nator! thats always good news.
yeah, i notice the smae thing. i was going to vote, i had every intention of voting, but had to pull over to the side of the road and barf halfway there, so i went to the doctors and got some antibiotics instead. and the Dems won the house! and the Speaker has boobies! (not counting tip o neil) yayayayayay!