Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feelin' Good

When I got home last night, Mrs. Nator was all dressed up in costume.

And it wasn't for Halloween.



BEAST said...

oh I say
****Beast covers innocent ears****

First Nations said...


so i guess tricks and treats were good to you! way to go.
we got two t or t's. 2. deaux. dos.
*scattering peanutbutter cup tinfoils as she waddles away*

Chaucer's Bitch said...

was it one of the aforementioned fredrix of hollywood-type costumes?

Da Nator said...

Beast? Innocent? Now I've heard everything.

FN - Yes, I will be posting photos, because it isn't already true that if she reads this post she'll be embarassed and yell at me. Seriously though, if things are going well, who has time to whip out the camera?

At least you got the good stuff, and are not leaving Necco wafer wrappings in your wake, or some such...

CB - oh, Frederick's is far too rich for our blood. But you'd be amazed at the merrywidow one can make from an old oatmeal can, and the fishnets that can be made from a six-pack ring...