Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blah Blah Moooo de Mumble, Corazoooonnn....

1. Because I am being completely unproductive today (again), here's a quick video of the kind of "music" we are forced to appreciate several times a week, courtesy of the church down the block. Besides proving that I walk like a duck, this video shows just how bad it can get. Actually, I will say that while sometimes the singing is slightly better, it is usually louder. And it gets loudest right about when I'm trying to go to sleep at night.

Please, people - ask God to cure your tone-deafness!

2. Speaking of unproductive, please send me some WOOOooooOOOONNs of good energy this week. For one thing, now that I've actually figured out some local vet offices I'm interested in, I actually have to go there and ask if they'd consider hiring and training me. Yes, I am just jumping at that opportunity for rejection, let me tell you!

3. Randomly, I also need WOOOOoooOOOONNs for finding my second fram damn SD card. I want to go down to Brighton Beach and Coney Island and take some photos before the place is completely destroyed, but I seem to have hidden that memory card someplace "safe"... from myself. I don't have a lot of money to buy a new one, so if y'all could ask the gremlins in my apartment to choke it up, that'd be great.

4. Last but not least, am I the kind of person who takes satisfaction in another person's death? Let's just say my dancing shoes may need more re-soling than they did after Reagan passed.


First Nations said...

consider yourself wOOOoooOOOOOOn'd.
and yes, that same obit brought a smile to my face this morning.
*doin' the bump!
Anudderone Bites the Dust!
bada Bump! Bump! Bump!
Anuddaone Bites the Dust! Hey!*

Warrior Two said...

Saweet! Yes, you are going to do what I did, and cold-call those vet offices and say "I loves me some aminals, giz me a jawb!" And one of them is going to say, "hell yes sister, where have you been all our lives?"

That's what I did. I totally revamped my resume, with a nice "objective" section that said "I'm changing careers and hope to be able to x, y, and z", and then wrote up a nice cover letter to the pet hospital, and didn't even know if they had a job for me, but I called to see who I would fax it to, and sent it. And lo and behold, they did have a job. Not only that, I've now successfully massaged it into a FULL TIME job.

I think you'll do great. Do your little pre-boxing warm-up and go kick some butt.

Red7Eric said...

If only the damage that Falwell did during his life would die with him, THEN I would celebrate.

However, when Phred Phelps croaks, I'm going to the funeral with a big "GOD HATES BIGOTS" sign and will lead a gay pride parade right through the doors of the Westboro Baptist Church and will proceed to french kiss my boyfriend all the way through the eulogy.

Woo hoo!!

(I just need a boyfriend, and I'm all set.)


Corn Dog said...

OMG! THAT is the funniest and finest video I have seen in a long time. These pseudo musicians are making my head ache.

Good vibes coming at ya right and left Da Nator!!!

Feltrex said...

Call the cops about the peace being disturbed? :P Best of luck getting the noise the quieten down a bit. Good vibes heading your way! ;)