Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Green-Wood 2: Electric Deadaloo

On Saturday I managed to make the bone-headed move of showing up to Green-Wood Cemetery a day early for the Forgotten NY tour. Once I realized my mistake, however, I decided to hoof it around the place myself. So I wouldn't know where Boss Tweed was buried. I got to discover all five ponds, the local wildlife and meet with some good friends in Kensington on the other side.

Here's the photo tour, which mainly focuses on critters and interesting memorials, and a little video of one of the ponds is below.


Dope On The Slope said...

Electric Deadaloo.

Dat funny.

You going to the BlogFest next Thursday?

Corn Dog said...

Gorgeous pictures. Some really old monuments in the graveyard that are very striking. I like the dogs.

First Nations said...

that's so cool. i love the old worn statuary. i particularly love the angel seated on the roof of the chapel...like it got tired of flying and decided to roost for awhile!
in fact this is so cool i am going to steal the idea. yes i am.
kick ass, lady!

First Nations said...

not to worry; in my frenzy to steal your idea i managed to delete the operating program from my hard drive and fry the chip in the camera.

see how karma works?

Da Nator said...

Hi, y'all. Thanks for lookin' at my pictures.

Dope - not sure, yet. It depends where on the rollercoaster of unemployment emotions I am at the time!

CD- Thanks! Yes, those dogs are great. They are very popular, too.

FN - Words fail me. I didn't even curse you, or make a doll shaped like your computer, or anything.