Thursday, May 10, 2007

L337 and LOLCats Explained

I love this post. It's succinct, clear and funny.

Of course, so is , and I love it more.

That is all.


claire said...

this just sucked away about a half hour of my night. wow.
i didn't realize those pictures were called something and i had never heard of lolcats.
this is teh roxor.

oh yes i did.

Warrior Two said...

Somewhere in teh deep reaches of my mind, I am singing...the cure.

Also am annoyed with myself for not being able to talk lolcat.

Warrior Two said...

Oh, and where does Cute Overload speak fit in all this? Is it L337 speak, or a subgenre all it's own? Enough people read it now that I often hear people talk of "kittehs", "'tocks", "snorgling", etcettra. They even have a lexicon.

OOOH CRAZY! When I went to look for the lexicon, I saw that they referenced this very same article! I guess I nailed that one.

Da Nator said...

Claire, you crack me up.

WT: Of course CO! Where do you think I found the link to the article in the first place? ;o)

TigerYogi said...

I love that site! :)

First Nations said...

lady, you just helped get me through a really difficult day, with that lolcats site. k thx bye!