Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Animals A-Go-Go

I jest loves me some critters, part 8,076...
  • First off, I've added Animal of The Day to my sidebar. A pretty nifty way to learn more about animals I've never seen before. Check out the full site for more.
  • Today I stumbled across Little Turtle Heads Poking Out. No, not just my Read-Eared Sliders' usual feed-me faces, but a nice site on all things cheladonia. If you are a turtle fan like me, you will want to see what the Unlicensed Turtle Wrangler is up to. If you're not, check it out and you may become a fan.
  • The size of this cat is impressive, but I am even more amused by the 80s cop movie-style soundtrack.
  • And finally, I give you the kitten/tribble, or... kibble!

My God, where are its limbs?!

Photo via the inimitable Cute Overload, although it does remind me of Li'l Brudder...

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