Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Viva La Revolucion

I hate Time Warner of NY. Our internet service is completely down and our TV service has digital hiccoughs yet again. Hate. After 4 service visits and a personal trip to their Brooklyn warehouse for a new modem. Hatey-McHate-Hate. And naturally, they had no appointments available for this Saturday, so now I have to take time off of work (not) or wait until the freakin' 18th to get yet another idiot in my house who does not know what he is doing.


And guess what? They keep saying they're going to give us a discount on our bill to make up for all this, but then they don't. Instead, they send us threatening overdue notices because we pay them the amount they said would be due after the discount.


I would switch us to broadband, but guess what? It's not available at my address. So, TW can continue dicking us over as long as they like, unless we go back to the old-fashioned modem - which, no.

So, I have a new plan. The next cable guy who comes to my place is getting jumped, bound and held hostage until I get some real goddamn service guarantees.

Who's with me?

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