Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Foto-Fu: Pretty Proboscis Edition

This is a little critter (not sure if it's technically a moth or butterfly) that was pollinating the flowers in front of our hotel in Greenport. It's my first ever macro bug shot, so I hope you likey.

I'll have more photos and descriptions of the trip, soon. I want to get my underwater photos done, and they're on film, so it may take a couple days.


First Nations said...

...oh dang.
I got through.

1. I love those little orange guys! they're all over my buddleia this time of the year. they're like flying garfield cats.
2. agree 100% on irwin. the guy deliberately provoked the animals and it made me really unconfortable. now jeff corwin? corbin? whatever...theres a man who loves his herps. perhaps too tenderly. even so.

claire said...

mmm. love jeff corwin...

not sure if he's moth or butterfly, either. he's got knobs on his antennae, but he's all fat and fuzzy. Hmm... my money's on moth.

looks like you had lovely weather.

Da Nator said...

Cute inn'e? And yeah, I don't know what he was.

Actually it stormed Fri-Sun morning, but that was fine. We spent most of the time stuffing our faces or in bed, which is just what we needed. It was only a shame we didn't get to go to the beach, what with the rain, wind and cold. Sun afternoon - Mon were nice and sunny.

Waah! I miss vacation!