Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Cat Blog - The Mysterious One

Fact Sheet: Quan Yin, AKA The Doodle

Age: approx 6

Size: Large in the middle, pointy at the ends

Appearance: Shiny black, gold eyes, small face, low-slung belly, delicate feets, meerkat tail

Background: Feral underground; the mean, mean streets of NYC

Most often addressed as: Oh, Doodle

Usually seen: Hauling ass to disappear somewhere

Likes: Solitude, silence, wet food, Maurice (when he isn't humping her too much), a good chin/neck rub, plastic - sweet, sweet, chewable plastic

Dislikes: Sudden moves, bright lights, loud noises, dirty litter, Maya, crowding, being held or otherwise confined

Distinguished by: Floor-sweeping belly, cute and/or panicked expression, super-stank pee and poo, rumbly purr, Tail of Coquettish Flirtation, Unearthly Howl of Suffering

Currently in: Quarantine away from the bedroom, due to Unlawful Urination Offenses

Claims to fame: Interviewed in Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life, this blog

Quote: "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! (skitter, skitter, thunk! ... suspicious silence)"

Why we love her: Mysterious, semi-feral, sometimes pathetic and as roughly socialized as she is, she has one of the sweetest, gentlest personalities ever.

Long live The Doodle!


Heather said...

Our beloved, late kitty, Katie, was a total plastic junkie! She'd chew on anything plastic she could get her mouth/paws on - it was her personal crack cocaine. Alas, along with her pathological craving for plastic on which to chew, she also had a violent allergy to the stuff, and as a kitten she developed horrific ulcers in her mouth and throat from her chewing. It was a couple of weeks and several expensive trips to the vet for testing before the cause of the mouth ulcers was determined. (D'oh!) We immediately banished plastic wherever possible in the house, kept the garbage cans out of her reach (she'd stand up on her back legs to gnaw on the edges of the bags), etc. Her absolute, most favorite plastic "treats" were Easter grass and tinsel. We still refrain from using either in her memory............

Ah, kitties and their quirks. :) Hope you and the Mrs. have a great weekend! We're off to the Apple Fest tomorrow - they have this apple sausage there that is deeeelish.

BEAST said...

i think cats are a girl thing , i cant be doing with them at all...give me a dog anyday

First Nations said...

growing up we had a tom named Ming Toy who was the image of your kitty. however he was not capeable of psychic communication. he was capeable of running flat out along a vertical surface, though.
i want to read the interview! where am it?

BEAST said...

I refuse to discuss pussies with a group of laydees