Friday, September 22, 2006


The Lesbian Versions Are Yurts

I hadn't been over to read Faggoty-Ass Faggot in a little while, so I had fun finding out about this. Oh, to be a gay man. Who knew that bathhouses could be so... complex? And in Cleveland, no less!

That's Because The Lasers Shooting From My Eyes Are Invisible

I've had three or four people at work remark on how calm I seem this week, despite all the craziness going on. One the one hand, I am amused, because I am stressed out, but I usually don't freak out about it at work. I save it for later, when I can have insomnia and a nervous breakdown in private.

On the other, I am pleased, because I do feel I am getting much better at handling stress than I used to be. No panic attacks in quite some time now, despite coping with both my work situation and Mrs. Nator's angst over hers. Of course, it's always easier to be calm when you decide it wouldn't that upsetting if you did lose your job!

Brain Freeze

All that stress can numb one's funnybone, so I think that Mrs. Nator & I will be going to see the incredibly highbrow Jackass Number Two this weekend. I've never been big on slapstick or bodily excretion humour, but the infectious, sheer joyful stupidity of Jackass is one of the few things on TV or in theatres that can make me guffaw out loud. So, I'm a little ashamed of myself. Sometimes ya gotta do what feels good.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


BigAssBelle said...

don't be ashamed, girl, have fun. i snuck (sneaked?) off to see "the devil wears prada" all by myself friday afternoon. it was a treat for one ~ hope yours turns out to be a laughing treat for two.

damn, that bathhouse. is there a similar thing in the L community? definitely not in Tulsa ;-) but big cities?

First Nations said...

i have been informed that we WILL in fact be seeing J2 at the earliest opportunity. forewarned is forearmed.

Heather said...

Well? Inquiring minds would like to hear your esteemed opinion on Jackass #2............