Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Cat Blog - Bad Kitty Edition

First of all, in case you didn't know: cats and paint don't mix.

Also, cats who have a neurosis which leads them to obsessively pee in a corner of the hallway and reflooring said hallway? Not such a great combination, either. Mrs. Nator learned both of these lessons the hard way, and now has some convoluted faux-baby-gate system comprise of binder clips and a tatami mat walling off the entrance to our apartment. One can only hope a better solution will be reached in the fullness of time.

Secondly, to those of you who thought my comments about having a cat on my head were just cute turns of phrase? I give you the sordid evidence:

I'm pretty sure this is illegal in 40 states.


BigAssBelle said...

turn over! turn over! ;-)

i've been crazy busy too . . . come back regularly soon ~ you are most definitely missed.

Hanuman1960 said...

And it's iffy in the other 10...

claire said...

i am SO SICK of neurotic pets, you have my sympathy. You know, unless you like that kind of thing. Though I will assume you don't.

I don't have cats, but 2 dogs (one of which, neurotic) and the only thing i can suggest is cleaning the ever living hell out of that spot with one of those store-bought urine-neutralizers (at a pet store, obviously) like Nature's Miracle so that the cat doesn't think its her spot anymore (his?). It must have seeped thru to the floor boards or something and won't go away with normal cleaners.
Maybe you've already figured this out and tried like hell to do this and it didn't work, but you know. I'm new here.

I know there are some other house-hold things that will do it, too, but for the life of me can't remember what.

Cat on the head? Priceless.

babeth said...

Feliway is supposed to neutralize any smell by replacing it with feromones. It comes in a spray-can.

You can try laying out plastic sheets that you put over left-overs (? What's the English word for that ?) because Cats are supposed to hate the feel of it under their feet.

Please do not try bleach or ammonia. Many cats love the smell or would love to replace it with their own.

First Nations said...

head lice is one thing.
head cats...?

solution: go to the sporting goods store and buy-and they'll have it; im not joking here-either coyote urine or wolf urine. it comes in a spritzt bottle like sinus spray so dont get the two confused.
works like MAGIC. a couple of drops in her former favorite pee place and kitty is using the living room sofa like she's supposed to.

Da Nator said...

Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.

Claire - I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Maya's head-kneading behaviour. I kind of like it when she gives me an ear bath - it tickles - and I like that she kneads me 'cause I've become her "mommy" (I am smug that she doesn't do this to Mrs. Nator, her original human "mom", although that may just be because the Mrs. is not as much of a pushover). When Maya really gets into kneading my hair, however, it can be a bit disturbing, and sometimes painful. She's usually easy to dissuade after pushing her off once or twice. The photo was just used as an illustration.

Claire & babeth - we've tried all the sprays, believe me. We have a suspicion that the previous apt renters had a pet that sprayed there, which led to the Maurice and Quan Yin taking out their own particular issues on that spot. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nator used bleach there a couple times before I could stop her.

We're still figuring out what to do. I suggested that we lay the heavy-duty vinyl sheeting over the area, but Mrs. Nator wanted to try the baby-gate idea first. Of course, upon returning from our excursion last night, we discovered that someone had peed right in front of the gate, instead. Also, their were boxes knocked into their kitty litter pans. All of which leads me to conclude that it's all due more to psychological issues than smell, and the vinyl will be the way to go, after all.

Which leads me to - coyote urine, FN? I'm not sure I even want to imagine what that smells like. And, by sporting goods stores, I'm pretty sure you don't mean any old Modell's in Brooklyn, 'cause, Knicks jerseys they got, lupine piss, I'm not so sure...

Back to a crazy day at work - hope to post tomorrow...

claire said...

Oh, that old "you can't find lupine piss in Brooklyn" story.

If i had a nickel...