Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend In Brooklyn

Saturday: Do dishes. Eat. Go back to sleep. Take in laundry. Go to Red Hook for excellent Latin American food and soccer.

Take artsy-ass photos.

Grocery shop. Read. Clean kitty litter. Eat delicious chocolate cake Mrs. Nator made. Collapse.

Sunday: Wake up. Do about 10 minutes of web stuff for work. Make first ever batch of doughnuts!

Consume. Take a nice nap with the cats. Wake up.

Quality time with Mrs. Nator.

Consume scrumptious Kettle Chips Beer & Cheddar flavour, diet Coke with Lime, Mrs. Nator's quesadillas and sugar-free lemonade while watching football. Curse the gods for having mis-set TiVo so the unbelievable OT win by the Giants was missed.

Roll eyes when the Jets lose.

More quality time with Mrs. Nator, more cake, et voila! Refreshed for Monday.

Here's wishing a good week to all...


Hanuman1960 said...

How about some more on the Latin-American soccer players?!!

P.S. What was Mrs. Nator doing with that corn cob? ;)

Da Nator said...

Oh, hanuman, you fell right into my cheap visual gag trap. Thank you!

You can see more photos of soccer players (and other sights) in my Brooklyn Bunburying Flickr set.

First Nations said...

1. damn, you did donuts! did you have to use that overhead mutant trigger iron butterfly syringe thingie that blops the dough out? you are brave, anyway. and skilled. which segues neatly into..
2. mmmmmm. coooooorn.
ms. danator is quite the cutiepie!

Da Nator said...

1. I actually codged together a recipe, because the one I was experimenting with made the dough too sticky & runny. I added more flour, baking soda & spices, used a bit less sugar, and made it firm enough to roll out and cut with a cookie cutter. They turned out quite tasty. I'd alter things to make them a bit lighter next time, but I like mine kind of heavy & old-fashioned, anyway.

Mrs. Nator felt I was more crazy than brave for deep-frying naked, so I had to put an apron on. ;o)

2. Yeah, grilled coooorn with salt, lime juice, mayonnaise, cheese & chili powder. (drool, drool...)

Ain't she, tho? And mine, all mine! ;o)

BEAST said...

Mrs Nator and the Donuts look HOT... sounds like a perfect weekend ....apart from the football.
I have testicles , so I should by all the golden rules of stereotyping love football.....but I bloody dont
Life is cruel

Da Nator said...

Thanks, Beast. Yes, fresh doughnuts + fresh Mrs. Nator is pretty much the ticket to the perfect weekend, in my book.

Ew, testicles. However, I can say that our male cat is officially jealous of you.

BTW, I forgot to ask FN - do you think "overhead mutant trigger iron butterfly syringe thingie" is too long for a band name? 'Cause I like it.

Heather said...

Hey - if you think homemade donuts are fun, you should try homemade bagels! I have a recipe somewhere - for homemade giant pretzels too...... Mmmmm. Less deep frying, so nudity whilst cooking not an issue! ;)

(Those donuts do look mighty tasty though! :P )

First Nations said...

hey, it's yours. use it in nude health.

ill post up a pic at my place of what i was trying to describe if i can find one.

BigAssBelle said...

damn, what a weekend!! i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove homemade donuts. love them. love them with a passion beyond most other passions in my life. l.o.v.e. them. damn. i need me some homemade donuts ;-)

mrs nator is a cutie!! how about one of you, cupcake?