Thursday, December 07, 2006

I found out last night that my friend J passed away. Her funeral is on Saturday.

I've been pretty numb about it. After all, the last time I saw her, I was so stricken by her condition that I not only knew the end was near, but I hoped it was, to end her suffering.

Still, it's starting to seep in. She was a wonderful, kind human being, a talented photographer and cycling enthusiast, whose eyes would twinkle with childlike excitement when something interested her. She was always looking for ways to be nice to and help those around her, and she was not yet forty years old.

It's not just a loss for those of us who knew her. The world can ill afford losing such a loving, amazing person.

I wish I still had the confidence I used to that after death comes a better place. Sigh.

So. Sad.


Heather said...


So sorry to hear the news. You, J and her family and friends are in my prayers.

Cap'n Dyke said...

Me heart be with ye, M'Darlin'

First Nations said...

i am sorry. i remember reading about her here. do whatever you need to. even if it isn't 'rational'.

BigAssBelle said...

oh boo. i am so sorry. why does it seem that the good ones go early? i had five good grandparents and one motherfucker and he, of course, was the last to die by 12 years.

on the other hand, i am confident we go on. maybe your friend will be in touch to let you know she is okay.