Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We Has A Tree! Pt Teh Dos

Well, Mrs. Nator's back started spasming, then she had to fly to Atlanta - poor thing is a stressed-out mess. So, it was up to me to decorate the tree by myself. It lost a lot of needles (I told you it was dry), but here are the results.

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbuam, Das ist nicht as giltzy as I hopeden...

Tacky tree, Sputnik lamp and plaster holes that look like continents: a study. ...And disco ball.

Spotlight on: a spotlight! Actually a vintage tacky tree topper. Does not come with 78 recording of heavenly chorus and harp music, but should.

Bird's eye view: this little gold glass birdy can see some vintage glass ornaments, a Mexican tin rocking horse, a home-made Sculpey turtle and my masterpiece Xmas Moai shrinky-dink.

Here we see more vintage ornaments, tin icicles, a Balinese carved cat angel (we're all multi-culti here, n' shit), wooden toy and another fabulous Sculpey creation - this time a depiction of our bed with all three cats on it. Please, don't push - you'll smudge the bulletproof glass protecting it.

This here's my stocking. I felt kind of crummy when my stocking was lost and I had to borrow one for several years, so I enlisted Mrs. Nator's help a few Christmases ago to make The Stocking of My Dreams. She made the red velvet footie topped with fake fur, and I made the Santa Cat with bag o' toys with felt and other crafty crap. Damn, when did I ever have the free time to do this kind of stuff...?

Look into my crazy-ass felt eyes! Muooahahahaaaa!
(Note actual feline hair stuck to face for added authenticity.)

And that's the tour! Now I'm off to Atlanta tomorrow, and my back is bothering me! Joy to the motherhumpin' World, childrens! Have a Merry...


Qenny said...

I'm completely loving your disco fairy / angel!

Hope you and Mrs Nator have a fab yuletide.

TigerYogi said...

Have a fabulous holiday!

P.S. I hope that some is watering that tree daily!!!

BigAssBelle said...

i love your tree!! i love your crown molding! i hope that you and your mrs have a fabulous holiday. big hugs to you both and all those furbabies.

damn, your ceilings look sooooo tall. i am jealous, jealous, wishing mine were more than 8'. love that crown moulding.

claire said...

I thought i commented here on thursday, but i guess i didn't... i wanted to say that that is the coolest light fixture, like ever.

Also, Merry Christmas, of course. :)

Ken said...

That light fixture is fabulous! Looks like something out of a vintage Denny's Coffee Shop. And what a beautiful tree.

Have a wonderful holiday and both of you need to feel better in the new year. Take care of your back and your back...

Merry Christmas!