Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thoughts For The Day

or, three whines and a W00T!

1. Don't you hate it when you buy something for someone on the Interwebs and it's not as you thought it would be? I can't get more specific than that, 'cause it's a present for Mrs. Nator and she reads this sometimes, but grrr...

2. Thank you to the guy standing several feet from me on the subway last night whose breath was so bad that it was coming out of his nose and stinking up the entire end of the train. I was concentrating so hard on blocking the odour out that I missed my stop and had to sit near it that much longer. USE A BREATH MINT, DUDE, for reals.

3. Holy Exodus, Batman! The most-likely gay character on NBC's Heroes seems to have been unceremoniously de-gayed. The show, which involves people with superhuman abilities much like the mutants of X-Men comic and movie fame, seemed to have clearly outed the character "Zach" in it's last episode, not to mention his fictional myspace page. Now, it seems, despite clear and precendential analogies between anti-gay and anti-mutant rhetoric in the geekdom zeitgeist, his marketing materials have been skewed straight. See for more on this bicurious backpedalling.

and finally,
4. Baby, I'm ready to go... out to dinner and the concert tonight, that is, and then on to my day off tomorrow! Even though I have several tasks to do on my little holiday, I have been so exhausted and stressed lately that I am inordinately excited about seeing the show at Carnegie hall and not having to go to work tomorrow. Also, I just had a giant-ass mocha. So: yee-haw!

So, how's by you?

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claire said...

Oh, i love the Wainwrights! All of them. I see that they've left daddy off the "family tour", which i guess is interesting and yet not surprising. You know, since they hate him. Whatever. TheBoy and i have seen Louden a couple of times and i've wanted to see Rufus and Martha. If i had known about this show, it would have been a really nice present. Dammit.

Well have fun! :)