Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aloha 'Oe

So, while First Nations is gettin' all scrumdillyiciously descriptive about her four day trip, you've heard barely a burp from me about Hawai'i thus far. This is is because:

1. I miss it so much that I am having major trouble adjusting to being back in the city, and thus can't really think about my vacation without going a little crazy

2. I'm afraid to bore all of y'all, since I don't seem to be at my writerly best of late (must be the stress, not lack of talent, right?)
3. We did so much over two weeks that it's a bit overwhelming trying to remember and artfully describe it all.

I did, however, finally post a jumble of description, reviews and pointers at TripAdvisor, so if you're so inclined, you can see that post to find out a bit of what our trip was like.

Other than that, I will drill away at getting the photos up, but as I'm so anal about post-processing them, it may be next summer before I get all of 'em chosen and adjusted just so. I can only hope some of them will be worth the trouble, even if they can't fully illustrate the gorgeous sights of the Big Island.

In the mean time, wish me luck Natorettes. Tomorrow I'm going to track down the head of the Vet Tech department and whinge at her in person!


Corn Dog said...

Good luck. Great write up! If you add pictures you could do a little tour book.

My v word was: ttbra

claire said...

looks like you were there just in time. Hurricane Flossie is on its way to the Big Island:

Scary stuff.

Good luck at school. I've been pushed off until next wednesday. I don't anticipate actually getting to register for classes at this point... i'm so late.

claire said...

oh, and my link crapped out. just google Hurricane Flossie. you'll find it.

tater said...

So glad you had a good trip, and are home safe and sound. can't wait to see your photos. I have never been to the islands, and envy you your experience. Good luck with school, I know you will kick ass.

BigAssBelle said...

can't wait to see them! want to go there, don't know whether i can fly that far.