Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Observations of the Day

1. I am sick of hearing about Michael Vick on football shows. Yes, he did a bad thing, and he will be punished for it. I am actually thrilled that he was caught, will be punished and it all has been publicized, because animal abuse runs rampant in this country, with very little to stop it and mainly slaps on the wrist for abusers. However, when I watch my cheesy football programs, I want at least three quarters of them to be dedicated to general football news, not just the whole Michael Vick thing. Not only does it get boring, otherwise, but opening day is coming up and I've got three fantasy teams to maintain, people. TYFYPATTVIM.

2. Bread should be soft. Crusty is great, but the entirety of a slice of bread should not be like unto a slab of drywall. I'm not saying I like all my bread to be Wonderbread squishy - that's really only okay for PB&J or diner toast. But if the bread completely dominates the sandwich, it is too aggressive, capiche?

2b. Likewise, not all fancy bread needs to be sourdough. The uses of sourdough are limited! If I want some delicious rosemary bread, it does not to be sourdough, as well. Then, who can taste the rosemary?

3. If you want to see how your neighbours live, try pet sitting. Not only has the past week allowed me to meet lovely new critters, but to wander in the homes of several complete strangers. I've seen everything from a simple railroad flat to a richly appointed five-story victorian, aboriginal art to Herman Miller chairs, chipped floorboards to carved hearths, and it has been very interesting, indeed. And, although I do experience some apartment envy, it's also fun to realize what benefits our present abode does have (lots of space, with separate rooms but no separate levels) and what I would and wouldn't like in our next home, when we can afford one.

4. I always seem to have the latest gay boy haircut, unless you count the bald look. I think Mrs. Nator and I are fine with that.

5. I am the Greatest Procrastinator in the World!

Time to do something productive?


Kenyo said...

Speaking of bread...there is way too much flavoring in bread these days. Panera Bread makes a lovely foccacia in three versions all of which are very robustly flavored with herbs and garlic. That's fine sometimes, but often I just want bread flavor. I will add my own spices (or none), thank you.

Speaking of bread and lesbians... what's with all the gals on the street and on the beach walking with the girlfriend and wearing a Wonder Bread t-shirt? You know, the one with the red, blue and yellow circles.

First Nations said...

not enough has been said against aggressive breads and it's about time someone came out on the subject.

my pet peeve? all cement crust, strange wisps of lace for a center. and they always, always call this 'ho-made' and they always, always serve it HEAPED WITH RUNNY GOOPY FILLING NO NO NO NO NO.

claire said...

You're the reason why i'm afraid to let a pet sitter in my house. They're going to be looking at my terrible carpet, awful paint color and mismatched furniture.

You've confirmed it. No pet sitters for me.