Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Open for Bidness

Well, I've started my animal communication business up again, and started the pet sitting. Guess what? I'm feeling really good about it!

Sure, I've had to lay out some money for new supplies, new web ads and some new software (I can now offer phone call recordings on CD or MP3 download, so check me out, lalala). Sure, I've only made a bit of that money back so far, but my first pet sitting gig and latest two ac consultations, including a brand new client with a very emotional case, went really well.

So, even though I'm still feeling somewhat nervous and cautious, it's a good start. And the important thing is, not only do I feel I did a pretty good job thus far, but I've really enjoyed it, especially the cat sitting. I mean, the first clients were easy, but what's not to love about getting paid to play with kitties and have them climb up on your shoulders and lick you all over with their stinky kitty breafs? Nothing, that's what.

As for those of you who I promised I'd do free practice consultations with your animal kids... uh, I'm an idiot? And a terrible person? I just had a lot of nerves about performing well enough for my blog friends, I guess. I feel really guilty about not doing it for so long. But, if any of you still want a session, let me know, and we'll set something up.

Now I'm off to give my own critter brood some attention. Sonya Fitzpatrick, look out!


Kenyo said...

I've got cat tail hairs on my keyboard. Does the Fellowes office supply company make either a tail clamp or a tail lifter? A combination would be perfect.

Susie, the XXL 10-year-old black cat, has recently decided the best place in the house to lay about is on my desk at the left edge of my keyboard. Either head first, slowly inching her way until her head is covering the left half of the keys. Or she turns around and slaps her tail on the keys abpout 50 times a minute making me dizzy and hitting the TAB key now and then. She actually managed Crtl+Z the other day.

I need a cat sitter when I'm home.

Have fun at school.

BigAssBelle said...

well good for you. a good pet sitter is priceless.

so curious, what do you charge? i had one coming in while we were in mexico ~ to live with the kids while were gone ~ it was $50 a night.

instead, i found the current lifesaver, miss debbie, and she takes the two dogs for $30 a night at her house.

is that cheap? it seems cheap. my secretary comes over for Mo the cat ~ works at the house, pets him and feeds him. but the dogs . . . can't leave them alone.