Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late Registration

Well, there it is. At least for now. A few of the courses might change depending on what happens with drop/add later in the month. Also, I still haven't paid my tuition yet, as I have to get my final loan confirmation. Now that I know roughly what courses I'll be taking, I know that I have to add at least $550 per semester for the books I'll need. That's half again the tuition for this city college, people. Oy!

The biology and psychology courses aren't required, but I'm taking them because I want to see what grabs my interest. It may be that I get all excited about biology and decide to change my goal to a degree in that or zoology, or I like psych and decide to pursue becoming an animal behaviourist. Yes, I've taken those subjects before and enjoyed them (as I took Chemistry before and really struggled with the equations), but that was all 20-25 years ago. I think it would be best to brush up. Anyway, the bio course can also be used as a prereq for some vet tech courses later.

Speaking of a long time ago, I recently found my college ID cards from when I first registered in 1988 at just barely 18 years old. Good Lord.

"Hey. Wanna go out clubbing?"

Man. The hair. The makeup. The lack of fat. The enthusiasm. The youth. Who knew that nearly 20 years later I'd be dragging my sorry ass back to classes, to attend with kids fresh out of high school? Not that I'd have appreciated being called a kid at the time, what with going to live on my own in New York City and mingling nightly with the most drugged up adults Manhattan had to offer...

"New York City! Just like I pictured it... skyscrapers, and ev'rythang."

Yes, I had a fedora and a guitar pick earring. What of them? And no, I never throw anything out.

Keep laughing, people. Meanwhile, I'll keep cursing that my metabolism petered out and being grateful for my life experience since then.

I wonder if I can get my hair to swoop like that, again?


BigAssBelle said...

oh my stars!!!! you are SO darling!!!!!

Da Nator said...

Well, I think you mean I WAS so darling. But thanks. ;o)

Corn Dog said...

I agree. The pictures are adorable. The fedora is very "in" out here. I hope you did save it.

Warrior Two said...

I woulda wanted to be your friend. In fact you look just like my best friend during those same years.

And, OMG, so you got into the classes you needed? UR SO TEH ROKK!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

i bet you're as beautiful now as you were then. (that's not sarcasm, btw.)

have fun with the classes. i'm glad you're taking things just to see if they grab your fancy. that is what college is all about: discovery and learning for learning's sake.

Helen said...

Yay! I'm glad it's all shakin' out okay. We'll have to discuss the school details soon. I think we should get matching fedoras prepared before I start classes. My guitar pick earring is somewhere in all my crap...I'll dig it out.

Chaucer's Bitch: Yep, she is.

claire said...

AWWW!!! HOW CA-YOOTE! And oh, the enthusiasm of youth.. Makes you want to smack your young-self, doesn't it?
I think the Fedora was very flattering on you. :) Hee!

Good for you for registering. I'm still not... i suck. I have to go to "open registration" next week and try and do that since they won't let me do it online. Bah. School sucks.

First Nations said...

oo, i had a motoring cap, a cokespoon earring and my swoop went straight up, like Rocket boy. can you say 'aspiring baby dyke?'


now go drink some maalox and start SORTING THROUGH YOUR VACATION PIX.

Heather said...

Hey I remember that chick - she's the one who snuck me into the Tin Machine video shoot! She rocked and was way, way kewl, back then and still to this very day! (Who else would give a girl John Taylor on a silver platter for her bday? Hmmmmm? Still one of the Best. Birthday. Presents. EVER!)


Glad you got your schedule all set and can't wait to see the vacay pics!

BTL said...

Hey, why didn't you ever get me John Taylor on a silver platter for a birthday present?! Just because I'm in my late 30s and it's 2007 doesn't mean I'm not still a screaming teenage Duran Duran fan on the inside.

Meanwhile, where are the rest of the ID photos? I have seen them all and they are fine...

oneofhismoms said...

Whew. I'm so glad you got over that red tape rigamorole so you could sign up for classes. You go, Duranie.