Monday, August 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Creepy

Item: There is a trail of blood leading to our door - literally. We discovered it yesterday morning, but weren't sure what it was. Our landlords later told us that someone had been stabbed outside a local bar and stumbled down our block, stopping just in front of our building. Our downstairs neighbours had seen the cops dealing with the situation, but we had our air conditioner and TV on and didn't hear a thing. It's nausea-inducing enough to see a trail of splotches weaving up the block and around the corner and learn it is blood, but why did he stop, and leave an extra big splatter, in front of our building? Is this just where he dropped?

No further news on what happened, or how the victim is doing. Our neighbourhood is usually pretty good, so even if it's bound to happen once in a while in the big city, it's disconcerting.

Item: So far this week I have nine pet sitting and two communication gigs. Yesterday saw me visiting a parrot, two (lesbian) doves and four cats over three apartments. The cats are all love bugs, but the birds are suspicious of me. The most I could get out of the parrot was a several-minute round of exclamations of "hello!" back and forth between us. Most of the time, he snuck around in an almost cartoonish manner, sussing me out. It's fairly common for birds to be cautious with strangers, so I'm just trying to be gentle and give them their space. It does get a little tiresome, however, when the conversation goes like this: "Hello!" "Uh, hello!" "Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello!" "Oh, for Christ's sake..." "*burping noise*"

Item: Happy birthday to me. Today I turn (sigh) 37. When did birthdays stop being a cause for a big celebration?

Anyway, we're just having a low-key dinner out for two to celebrate, so today is free for me to finish up my pet sitting duties, confirm that the school processed my tuition, do some work on my business site, and contemplate the enormity of my lifestyle changes. Um, yipes.

Do I have enough stamina and enthusiasm to make it as a student while working at my advanced age? Stay tuned to find out...


Heather said...

Hippo birdie two ewe,
Hippo birdie two ewe!
Hippo birdie
dearest Naaaaaatorrrrrrrr,
Hippo birdie two ewe!!!
(the "why yes, I *am* the mother of a 4 year old!" Sandra Boynton version...)

37 isn't old, it's just older than me! ;) :D

Wishing all the best for you in the coming year and sending you a great, big birthday hug! XOXO

First Nations said...


have a good one, and yes, you do. in fact, give yourself the gift of 'non-contemplation' for the rest of the week. birthday hugs(())!

Corn Dog said...

Happy B-Day!

Now, I am sorry I made that shanking remark in the last blog entry. Trail of blood regret.

Oh, for F--k's sake - my v-word is xlnarrxd - I think. Cruel and inhuman to the vision impaired.

BigAssBelle said...

Happy birthday l'enfant! Happy to hear the sitting's going well. Sounds busy. What fun it is to complete change everything in one's life, yes? ;-)

Dope On The Slope said...

Happy Birthday.

I hope you enjoy the Thomas Kincade hand painted chamber pot I sent you.

Thirty Seven can't be old. I'm Forty Two and I surely am still allowed to be an immature asshole at times - for therapeutic reasons only, of course.

Here's to many more.

Helen said...

Crap! I didn't know it was your birthday, dammit!

Well, happy birthday. Now I owe you even more brunch action.

TigerYogi said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

claire said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry i've been kind of off the blogosphere lately. I'm trying to catch up now. :)

Hope you had a great day!