Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Chemistry exam on Friday! Help!


- DN

P.S.: Anybody got a freelance or part-time job I can do? I gots lotsa skillz. You don't want us having to move in with one of our mothers on your conscience, do you?

P.P.S.: Anybody know a good malpractice lawyer? Hello?

P.P.S.: Yes, I am still boring. Check back sometime when I'm not in a panic.


Heather said...

Sending many *wwWWWooOOOOOOOOooNNNnns* your way for the exam!!

claire said...

Jeebus. iiiiiiitttss MIDTERMS!!! YAAAAAAYYYY MIDTERMS!@!!@#$11! wooooo!!!!

If you said you had 'mad skillz, yo' i might have offered you something. But without the 'mad', i'm not interested. ...what?

Good luck on the exam and if i find anything needing to be freelanced or part-timed, i'll let you know. :)

First Nations said...

remember to sit with your LEG O BEEF up on the desk, partially unwrapped, while you take the test...wincing, sighing and gritting your teeth heroically as you soldier onward.

i still want the lowdown on how you came to be attacked by a piece of grocery technology.