Monday, October 29, 2007

Habblthy Habbloweenthbl! is having their annual Halloween Freakiest Fish Contest. While I don't think any of this year's nominees are quite as disturbing as last year's winner, the Blobfish (aka Fathead, see above), it's always fun to see some of the alien life forms our deep seas have to offer. So, go vote. I'll let you know who I voted for, if you tell me who you picked.

P.S.: For some more fun, freaky fish fotos, check out the links from this page. The specimens seen are from deep-sea expeditions, not the tsunami, as labeled, but they are certainly interesting. My favourite has got to be the spotted pink gunard. How is that not an Sanrio character?


FirstNations said...

NO WAY is that a real fish. the blobfish? NO WAY.

*blogging from inside a rapidly growing mountain of almond joy and reeses singles wrappers*

*someone has to test it*

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Ultimately my decision came down to what they meant by "freakiest." I normally use the word to mean "scary," in which case the Black deepsea dragonfish was the clear winner. But then I decided they probably meant freaky to mean "fucking weird, man," so I had to cast my ballot for the bloke in the lipstick with the fin-legs things. Proper Darwinfish, that.

Corn Dog said...

The blog fish looks like my grandpa and he's been dead some 15 years.

Heather said...

I'm with chaucer's bitch - voted for the walking fish with the fuck-me-red lipstick.

But yeah, that blobby fish from last year? Super-freaky!!

Heather said...

PS to firstnations:

There also has been some, ahem, *testing* of the Halloween candy going on here at my house.


claire said...

Yeah, i'm pretty sure if they put the Dragonfish in a movie with some squeaky doors and a wide-eyed, screaming blond girl (not the sexy kind), i probably wouldn't watch it. Cause that's a scary f-ing fish.

Heh. Darwinfish. That's funny.

claire said...

Oh - that's the fish i voted for. The dragonfish. In case you didn't get that.

Corn Dog said...

Sigh. I've been good until tonight. Then I had to test the candy too. Don't want to poison any of the little dears.

Da Nator said...

Intriguing. I agree that the Batfish is whacky and the Dragonfish is disturbing, but I didn't vote for them. I voted for the Goblin Shark, which to me was the most bizarre and Halloweeny looking, besides being oh-so-appropriately called "Goblin." It could just be that I've seen the others in various books or documentaries on deep-sea creatures before, but that one really boggled me. Seems like it should be in one of those oddly dark Henson films like Labyrinth or Dark Crystal, IMHO.

Oh, and I'm not testing the effin' candy, I'm eating it all by myself, bitches. That's the way we do things in Brooklyn, yo!

Heather said...

I *heart* Labyrinth.

I *heart* Halloween candy.


Happy Halloween!

BigAssBelle said...

eeeeewwwwwwwww!!! that came up someone's throat, didn't it? ack! how completely nasty :( booooo on the blob fish.