Saturday, October 06, 2007

Well, Then.

So, remember how I said I was back from the hospital? Well, that lasted all of about three hours.

Yup, I took a nap and woke up with a high fever and my leg all inflamed again. I do not know why they discharged me, but I don't trust that hospital anymore, so I went to my regular doctor. He took a look at it and sent me immediately to another hospital, where he is friends with the director of the ER. Fortunately, this meant I was able to get in pretty quickly.

Long story short, I was admitted, tested and given many more rounds of antibiotics. On top of that, a surgeon was called in to look at my wound and, after making all of the disgusted faces that everyone seems to be compelled to make when they see it, he said I needed the stitches removed immediately, and to have it debrided. This meant that they knocked me out, opened that puppy back up, and cut out all the worst parts with a scalpel. Fun, fun, fun!

After that, it's been a few days of more antibiotics, wound cleaning, monitoring and Percoset as they saw how things went. It was not until yesterday, Friday, that I was finally allowed to go home, much to my relief (and Mrs. Nator's and Ma Nator's, who had come in to visit me). Now that I'm home, however, I still need a visiting nurse to come in every day for a while to clean the wound and change the packing (yes, packing - it's basically an open trench in my right shin about 7-8 inches long and 1-2 inches wide, and down almost to the bone, stuffed with loose gauze). Plus, I'll be on antibiotics and the occasional narcotic, as well as restricted movement, so I'll be out of classes for at least another week.

It's all so strange. Who knew a shopping cart could be so deadly? The good news is, I can walk - just not for long distances - and it doesn't hurt terribly most of the time. The bad news is, THERE'S A GIANT FREAKIN' HOLE IN MY LEG!

Not only that, but from what I learned from the surgeon, the first hospital did pretty much exactly the wrong thing with my wound (which - did I mention? - he compared to a "serious shrapnel wound"). Stitching it up tight and sending me home without making sure I was on antibiotics - then, later, discharging me after one night and keep thing the stitches in - made everything work. Now we have to talk to a lawyer friend and consider taking some action, which is not something I'd ever expect myself to do, but CARNFARN IT, I'M MAD!!!

Ahem. Anyway, I'm back and all that, for now. Perhaps I'll post next time on Percoset, just to make it entertaining.

P.S.: Shopping cart = my new KHAAAAANNNN!!!


oneofhismoms said...

First of all, Mrs. oneofhismoms cursed at you and exclaimed "Why doesn't anyone ever tell me when they're going to my #$%^@! emergency room? I could have told her to take the damn antibiotics!" So, I guess there won't be a next time but if you find yourself there again, you'd better call my honey. On that note, I say sue the bitches. They suck. (Not my honey, of course.)

Second and last, I saw a couple putting their one-year-old into a granny cart today and I wanted to scream NOOOOOOO they are evil leg-eaters! Spare the baby!!!

Heather said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I really, really hope that things heal up properly, well and soon!!

By the by, if you're looking for a lawyer, there's a guy up in these parts who advertises with "Hurt in a car? Call William Mattar!" (um, *Mattar* rhymes with *a car*). My advice to you would be: do not hire anyone based upon their last name rhyming with either "cart of death" or "curb cut" or "hole in the leg" ........ Just in case, you know, you look through the yellow pages and find Bob Wartofeth or Jan Herbtut or Frank Molendabeg in there.......

(Um, and this comment has been written while under the influence of Nyquil. Not quite Percoset, but I'm still a wee bit fuzzy.)

Kenyo said...

Oh, dear -- that's a fine kettle of fish! Hope all gets better real soon and you find the meanest lawyer in town.

Meanwhile sit back, get comfy, have a nice cup of cocoa and two Percocets.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

add "ew" to the list of labels.

hope it heals quickly.

claire said...

oh my god.

oh. oh, my god.

how? how in the hell? eh..?

i am speechless. and oh my god, you have a trench in your leg. like, holy crap. there is packing. in your leg. from a granny cart. a cart MY granny used to use. in BROOKLYN. How are these things not in the news?

Eech. I hope you've been able to figure something out with your classes, cause this amount of time out can't be good. I'm sure that guy that takes off points for tardiness has already failed you.

Good luck and heal up. Jeeze.

First Nations said...

you see what happens? i'm gone for a few days and you see what happens?

i cannot believe the incompetence. what the fuck. yeah, you'd BEST FUCKING sue the crap out of them; i'm a goddamn housewife and even I know you prescribe antibiotics after closing a wound like that! stupid fucking sonsabitches! poor danator!

*dons carmen miranda war bonnet, spurs buick park avenue war pony towards nyc screaming invective and swigging from a bottle of tequila*

BigAssBelle said...

well you poor baby! damn, what a freakin ordeal!!!! ugh. infections suck and in that part of the leg, not good. hope you're resting well. percocet's nice ~ that floaty feeling is just like life should be all of the time. off to read more . . .

Kris said...

I really don't see how they could have sent you home from the hospital without antibiotics - I too am usually not for suing and such but this is ridiculous!!!!btw - i know which hospital you mean and they sent my husband home from the ER once telling him he didn't have strep. He didn't believe them so he self-medicated with our son's leftover antibiotics. Lo and behold, he received an 'urgent letter' a few days later telling him to contact them immediately because, guess what, he did have strep.

Hope you feel better soon.

m00nchild said...

Peaches Christ, that's just awful. This is something that my Jewish grandmother's chicken soup recipe cannot heal. But you deserve better, she never puts salt in her broth.

Rest and recuperate. Glad to see your words again.

Rimshot said...

holy crap!

Disregard my earlier instructions and DO NOT RUB DIRT ON THAT!