Monday, October 01, 2007

Well, It Hurts Now

Just popping in to say that I'm back from the hospital. I was admitted overnight for a couple courses of intravenous antibiotics because my wound was infected and it turned out I had a fever of 103.6. Stupid broken home thermometer.

Anyway, being in the hospital was just a barrel of laughs, but at least my fever broke, and I got to get out today. Nobody wanted to be clear on how to treat my wound, and it was like pulling teeth to get an excuse note for school (again) even though they told me I'd have to take a week off. I'm off to see my regular doctor, who I trust more, this evening, in hopes he can make things clearer.

Later, Natorettes...


P.S.: While sweating out my fever last night, I had a dream that I met a couple including Mia Kirshner from The L Word and some random annoying guy, and I ended up having an affair with the random annoying guy. The moral of the story: 1.) Any dream about Mia Kirshner is a nightmare, and 2.) As Jenny on The L Word, Mia Kirshner is so annoying that she could turn me straight.

The End.


m00nchild said...

Oh gosh. That must be sorta scary and very uncomfortable if downright painful. I do hope you make a quick recovery.

oneofhismoms said...

1. You are too much of a tough beyotch to be defeated by a shopping cart. This can't be happening.

2. LOL, Jenny turned you straight. They should write you into the L Word.

claire said...

you were admitted?? holy crap. how are you feeling now?

and if you were given crap for being late, i can't imagine what they'll say for you deciding to go to the hospital instead of class.

i mean, COME ON, Nator. PRIORITIES.

Rimshot said...

As my coach would say, "Walk it off!" or at least "Rub some dirt on it!" or "Toughen up and be a"

no pictures, no injury...that's the rules.

Ok, now that thats done, I hope you feel better and heal up good as new.

BigAssBelle said...

well at least you haven't lost your sense of humor to this fucking flesh eating bacteria (or whatever the hell it is)