Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm OK, You're OK

Good news: I just got back from the surgeon's office, and he said my wound is healing excellently. Thanks to Mrs. Nator's vigilant and attentive care, it is now no longer acute, but "red, beefy and granular," which is apparently how the inside of one's leg is supposed to look.

This means that I am okayed to go back to all my normal activities. Yay! So, it's back to class for me on Tuesday, and back to pet sitting sometime this weekend. Now, if I can get all caught up with my studying and other duties, maybe I will have something more interesting to blog about than fevers and misapplied stitches. (I'm working on it.)

As an aside, I found out today that there's a good reason that surgeons aren't usually the ones bandaging their own work. Ten minutes out of the doctor's office and my ace bandage had exploded, leaving me trailing gauze out my jeans leg and down the street. As a consequence, I also found out today that I can dress my own wound! Either I'm just getting used to the sight of a big hole in my shin, or it really is getting a lot better looking. Maybe both.

P.S.: For those or you (sickos) who requested photos (and you know who you are), this is the closest you're going to get. Actually, at first it looked a lot worse than that, so maybe for Halloween I should just ditch the dressing and wear shorts...?


First Nations said...

I am not looking, I will not look, you cannot make me look, ew.

so what the hell happened? i know it involved a shopping cart-did you get in between some old lady and a bargain or something?

m00nchild said...

I really shouldn't have looked at that. I really shouldn't have looked at that. I really shouldn't have looked at that when the only lunch I have is lasagna.

Doug said...

It's true! We can't bandage worth a damn.

True story. When I did a month of dermatology in med school, I watched one of the docs do a hair plug transplant. As he was expertly bandaging the patient's head afterwards, he said, "With the operation, they'll never know if you've done a tremendous job or a crappy job. But everyone can recognize an artless bandage." Or words to that effect.

Red, beefy, granular are all good. It means you're healing nicely. Gray, exudate, and foul-smelling would all be BAD words to hear. Glad you're beefy :)