Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm a little disturbed that it includes vinyl in the ingredients, but you've gotta try this new Spiking Glue from CVS. I know, CVS, but I have practically gone through a 12-step program to get over my ridiculously expensive hair product addiction, and at under $5.00 this stuff works like a charm. I dab a little on my dry hair and get the Big Queer Boy look or fauxhawk in no time flat - and it holds! Check it out, bitches.


Strych said...

Thats some pretty awesome hair shit. We have it in Oz under a diff name (got2be glued).
It's the hardest setting hair stuff I have ever used,
It used to drive me nuts when I'd buy hair stuff that was labled 'extreem hold' only to find by lunch time that natural curl in my hair would crack it and my hair would be limp, not with this stuff. It doesn't melt in the rain, or the shower, and umm wearing a hat doesn't flatten it either, and if I happen to be too drunk to shower before bed - I wake up with hair the same as it was the night before.

Qenny said...

Oh ... I was just thinking of shaving my head for the summer. Now I might want to stop in my tracks and try this stuff.

Da Nator said...

strych - welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment. Are you quite drunk before bed very often? ;o)

Actually, the got2be stuff is it's own brand, and is more expensive. This is the pharmacy-chain knockoff of it - it even says "compare to got2be" on the box!

And it does have a great hold, but I like that I can use just a little bit on dry hair and it's not too hard. In case this is starting to sound like a commercial, I will say that it's very sticky and you must wash your hands thoroughly to get it off, which is a tad annoying. Still, rather than than limp hair, eh?

qenny, m'dear - don't let me unduly influence you. If I was able to do so without looking utterly ridiculous or getting fired, I would be sorely tempted to shave my head once the summer heat rolls around. I will say that if you went bald, however, this stuff might be a good glue with which to adhere whatever hair replacement you choose...