Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Ill Wind Blowing

Or, how we amuse ourselves on the cheap.

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Corn Dog said...

Our BIg Dog thinks the air is its arch enemy. We do a game called face slapping where she thinks Mr. Corn Dog's Hand MUST.BE.KILLED. Then when she has both ears forward and the enemy hand is taking a break and lying still, I blow in her face. She comes unglued.

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

Now the comment above sure is intriguing.......... LOL!

Funny video - Chloe's never tried to attack the air before, but then again we've never tried blowing air by her to see if she would. Hmmmm...

Da Nator said...

Hi, gang.

Heh. Sounds like a fun game, Corn Dog!

Heather - yeah, if we try to blow at the other cats they just look at us like "WTF?" (Unless we've just had a mint. Maurice loooooves mint, and will stick his head in your mouth if he smells it.) We think it might have something to do with Maya being deaf, and thus perceiving wind differently. Or, it could just have something to do with her being a giant freak.

For some reason, the thing that really cracks us up about it, which you might not be able to tell from the video, is the sound her biting at the air makes. Hee!

Yes, "", hmm. Can't wait to check that out when I'm not at work. ;o)

Warrior Two said...

(I'm dyin' over here, ahahahaha) Cats are so much fun to f**k with. I love how you can hear her purr-purr.

claire said...

hee hee! poor kitty.. that's just torture. :)