Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things To Do When You're Unemployed

Done just for a giggle, but there are a few interesting photos among the lot, there.


claire said...

haha! well its nice to see that you're amusing yourself. beautiful tree! is it old enough to produce fruit? and even more important, are they actually edible cherries?

so disappointing when they're not. yuck.

Da Nator said...

Hi, Claire.

The indoor branches are cherry - a friend gave them to me to force in a vase. The outdoor tree is actually a variety of Bradford pear - a specially developed flowering pear that the USDA bred to improve pear tree stock in the U.S. They flower beautifully all over the city, and there are lovely rows of them on Fifth Ave in Park Slope and also in Lincoln Center (where I lamented the killing of some of them a while ago). They produce only very small fruit that birds eat, thus meaning that they spread easily.

Probably way more than you wanted to know! ;o)

Heather said...

Oooh, we planted two Bradford pear trees in our back yard a few years ago - can see one of them out our left bedroom window. Alas, not nearly as close to blooming as stuff is waaaay down south by y'all in the city! :)

I've got a bunch of forsythia in a vase on the kitchen windowsill right now, following our weekend of yardwork which included much pruning of said forsythia bushes (they were overtaking our neighbor's yard, whoops). Also not quite blooming yet, though they've started now that they're being forced, mwah ha ha ha!

Anyhoo, glad you had as nice a weekend as we did up here. Spring at last, whoo-hoo!

Erin O'Brien said...

Collect a bowl full of cherries.

Combine with a river of diamonds.

Think and cry to taste.

Serve forever.

Anonymous said...

I was just marveling at Erin's comment! That was beautiful, and hit the spot for me this morning...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Gloxi? Sigh.