Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wow. I Guess I ROCK!

I did it. I asked for more severance, and now I'm getting two month's worth! Woooooooo!!!

This is going to make a huge difference for us financially. Depending on what hours and pay I get offered by the vet clinic, we may even be able to actually go on vacation this year.

Keep your good-vibe hats on, though, and think of me around 3:00 PM, ET, today. That's when I'm meeting with the folks at the vet clinic. I'm still nervous, but knowing I'm set for two months takes a big load off, believe you me.

Did I say Woooooooo!!!?


Warrior Two said...

Holy hell! I didn't actually expect it to WORK!

Hahaha, way to go Nator Alligator!

claire said...


good for you. i'll be sending hire-me vibes atcha in about 2 hours.

Tater said...

Congrats, two months severence is hard to get. Should help you coast into your next better situation! Since you seem to be in the know, is Eagle Pack food a good and safe brand for my pets?

First Nations said...

oh hot damn! excellent! you did it!
that is so cool!
can i borrow 25$?

Heather said...

Didn't see this in time for the three pm woooooon woooooooon good vibes, but hoping the meeting went well!

And... go you for getting that extra month of severance! Whoo hoo!

TigerYogi said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

Corn Dog said...

COOL! Sure am glad you ignored my advice!!!! GO DA NATOR!!!

Da Nator said...

Thanks, gang!

I'll post on the status at the vet clinic soon, but thanks for sending the good vibes. :o)

Tater - yes, Eagle Pack is generally very good. They even sell it at the clinic, which only sells the best. My only caution on it applies to all pet foods: with dogs, always keep an eye out for chicken allergies, and with cats, always keep an eye out for fish allergies. Dogs may display fatigue and "off" stools with chicken allergies, and cats may display problems with their urinary tract that may manifest as going out of the box, not peeing enough, etc. These are fairly common allergies that can be experienced with any qualities of these meats.

FN - no. But I will give you $20 for a nice embroidery piece for my scrubs or a shipment of burritos.

Corn Dog - no offense meant, CD. I was nervous about it, but I figured 1. I was having a pretty good roll of luck, 2.) I already had a signed contract in my hand for one month, so it would be hard for them to renege on that, 3.) my boss suggested it and 4.) I'd just been taken out to lunch by her and the head counsel of the company. The head counsel is the one who okays all these things, and from what I can tell, I'm one of the extremely few people at this company that she kind of likes and has never shouted at. ;o)

Everybody else - yeah, WOOOOOO!!!