Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Worthy Causes

1. I don't really think any explanation is necessary for this one. Just click on the banner.

2. On a slightly less world-shaking but still important level, the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington, DC has voted to more than tripledthe royalty rates for webcasters. Without Congressional action the majority of webcasters will go bankrupt and silent on this date. Alternative web radio programming of many kinds will end as we know it, meaning mainly standard commercial stations will take over webcasting, just as they have the radio waves. Even webcasts for well-respected and vital organizations like NPR will mostly likely be severly cut back. Think about what you would miss, and click below to see what you can do.

Here ends my broadcast of the Emergency Soapbox System. Had this been a real Soapbox, I'd be jabbering on for at least five more paragraphs.

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Anonymous said...

I will be attending the event in Chicago! Thanks for posting this. I will be wearing my favorite anti-Bush t-shirt.