Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh, Shit

So, my soon to be ex-boss calls me today, and out of the blue asks "have you considered asking for 2 or 3 times the severance pay they're giving you?"

Um. What?

The truth is, when I'd first talked to HR, they told me they never pay severance, and the two people I know who've been laid off from this place, including Mrs. Nator, got none. So, I was happy to be getting a month's worth, plus two month's health coverage. I never considered asking for more, because they could easily say "well, now you'll get nothing, Greedypants McWhinerson!"

After a bit of stuttering, I said to my boss, "um, not to put you in a difficult position or anything, but - do you know something I don't?"

She replied that she merely knew some people who'd asked for more and gotten it. However, when I explained my reasoning for not rocking the boat thus far, she told me to feel free to disregard what she'd said, if I feel that's the right thing to do.

So, I was content, and now I'm confused. It's not like the boss said she was advocating for more severance for me. She kind of backed off with a "what do I know, I don't make these decisions" attitude at the end of the conversation. I certainly don't want to lose the pay I've already been offered. But, should I ask for more?

Ow, my head...


Warrior Two said...

I seriously, seriously doubt they would take away what they've already offered you. If you had it in writing, so much the better. Unfortunately, we too often underestimate our worth.

I think it would not hurt to ask, but trust your gut.

Corn Dog said...

Da Nator - NO ONE pays severance any more! I think your boss is jerking your chain. Most places I have walked away from, the bosses get whacky in the final hour, even the decent ones. You done really really good. I am astounded with the severance. HR are weird asses. If you go in there and ask for more, they will think you are ungrateful. I'm sorry I suspect a set up on the part of your boss. She may be a good person and all but just a little offset by the fact you are going on to bigger and better. I say "Ignore the boss. Be very pleased with the severance and the health. Most unusal in this day and time."

claire said...

i doubt they would take it away from an ungrateful slave, too, but one never knows. i would be thinking the same thing as you, however, which is usually why i never ask for more of a raise than they have given because then they may just take it all away and pout at me for not being grateful.

bastard companies.

um, i say go for it. just see what they say. i would ask your boss for a particular contact in HR to ask; maybe one person is more helpful than the others.

BigAssBelle said...

well i already know you asked and received. that's pretty cool. yay for you!