Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm of Two Minds

about... well, everything, lately. Actually, it's more like 73 basquillion minds, but I wouldn't want to make you count all those little 0s (and it just doesn't fit any saying, don'tchaknow). Being back at work today after essentially asking to be laid off by the end of March has left me both oddly exhilarated and semi-panicky. I'm actually leaning a little more towards "Woo!" than "Ack!" for now, though, but we'll see how it goes.

Friends have already sent me two job opportunties: writing for a travel book on Costa Rica and freelance proofreading. I don't know much about either or if they are really possibilities, but one probably comes with a free ticket to Costa Rica, so hells yeah, I'm sending in an inquiry. Maybe if I go there professionally next time I won't get bugs in my head, thrown off a horse, blown off by dolphins, bitten by toucans, threatened by a deadly snake or invaded by trots-inducing stomach critters. Or, even if I do? More party stories + money. Hey, you never know.

So, forgive me if my posts coming up are all coloured by this shiznit. Probably less boring than my usual random links, anyway - at least I hope. Just in case, however, I've got some links for yuz that I've been thinkin' about that do illustrate my confusion, reaction-wise. Like, should I be amused or appalled that Dick Cheney has finally proven that all Americans should be allowed to carry guns? Similarly, should I laugh or be outraged that the NSA is trying to indoctrinate children with lame-ass cartoons? I am definitely outraged that the administration is designing and hoping to test new H-bombs, but should I be relieved that if they're going to do it, at least they're trying to make them less vulnerable to capture or accidental explosion?

Well, just to cheer myself (and you) up, here's an animation I definitely like. But wait - should I feel squicked that the song is by a Christian-music singer? banana bread!
Thanks to Alix for the tips.
Animation by artsyexistence.

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