Friday, February 10, 2006

My Girlfriend Is Psychic

OK, so I thought I was supposed to be the woo-woo one around here. This morning M tells me about this upsetting dream she had where our girl turtle somehow got out of her tank and fell to the ground, injuring her shell. This has never happened to either of the turtles, so I reassured her that it was highly unlikely.

Well, she had to go home early today to wait for the cable guy (who still hasn't shown up, BTW), and when she checked in on the girl turtle, she was fine. Suddenly, M got the inexplicable urge to sweep the office - not something that happens often in our apt. Well, guess what? Our boy turtle had somehow escaped from his tank (he's never done that before) and fallen to the gound! [insert creepy theremin music here]

Fortunately, he is fine, it seems. No cracks in his shell, the cats didn't find him, and he didn't crawl into any dark, hard-to-reach places. He's back in his tank zipping around now. But tell me: how weird is that premonition?

Or did she force him out of his tank with the power of her mind?! [theremin!]

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