Monday, February 13, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Somebody needs to buy me a new digital camera, dammit! I wish I were out in the snow today, sleddin' and takin' pictures, but here I am at work... typing this. Folks from out of town keep asking me what it looks like here after the big blizzard. Snowy. Oh all right, Dope on the Slope has some nice photos of what my neighbourhood looks like here.

Since our old digital camera kicked the bucket I only took a few photos on film, and who knows how long it will take for me to get my ass in gear and develop 'em. I think some may be cute, though. We took our queen bitch cat, Maya, out to see the conditions. She's always trying to sneak out of the house, so we thought we'd show her what she's missing. She looks kind of like a polar bear, anyway, so why not? Wrapped her in a leopard-print throw and took her out. At first she was fascinated, and looked adorable snuggled up in the bright green arms of M's puffy coat (made the colour of her eyes pop nicely, too). Then - smack! - a big wad of wind-driven snow flew off the tree above us and straight into her face. Not so fascinated anymore. Never saw her hightail it up the stairs faster. Poor gal.

Other than torturing not-so-defenseless beasts, the day was dull. We both felt crappy and slept a lot. But the scenery was priceless. More snow, please!

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