Friday, February 24, 2006

Poor Wee Beastie

OK, not so wee, but it is kind of sad - especially since I can empathize with this guy so much. The weird thing is, this cat, markings and all, looks almost exactly like my ex-roommate's cat. Ex-roomie Cat started out a little feller, but sometime after getting fixed he grew and GREW. Not quite that big, but he is pretty huge, himself. And he really doesn't eat that much - he's been on a restricted diet for years!

I wonder if there's some kind of genetic connection between the cats' general looks and their weight disorders? I also wonder if there's some hormonal disorder related to my other health issues that has caused my weight problems, although I'm still working on that one. But most of all, I wonder if I'm a terrible person for laughing at this kitty. Because: Squishy-Fatty-Angry-Kitty-Boo-Boo!!!

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