Thursday, February 23, 2006


I don't know what it is, but what with the popularization of "man with a pussy" porn star Buck Angel (warning: his blog is NSFW - if less so than his other sites) and the transitoning, pan-sexual character Moira on The L Word, I just can't stop saying the word "mangina." I am seriously analysing my reactions to this phenomenon and how it reflects my perceptions of gender and the impact of traditionalist morés vs. queer liberation, but in the meantime, I just like using the word as an exclamation or random entry into otherwise unobtrusive sentences. Just try it:

Mangina, mangina, mangina!

Honey, would you please pass the mangina?

It's fun for the whole family!

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Helen said...

I wish more and more that you had been at the gay bar crawl. I heard that word used (and by others, and coming out of my own mouth) roughly 7,364 times in three hours. Awesome.

And I can't help it...I'm hot for Moira. It's confusing. More confusing than Shane, even.